Well met in Merry Sherwode

On a rare day’s riding in Sherwood, I was surprised to see a unicycle approaching me along a forest track. I was on my KH 24, he was on a very smart Qu ax 36. AS we approached, I said, “Go on, who’s going to say it first?” (meaning “Where’s your other wheel?”) and he held his hand up for a high 5 instead.

We met like jousters and I stayed upright. I turned to check my vanquished foe was OK and it turned out it was someone I had sold a uni to many years ago. (The Road Razor, for those who remember my old posts.)

He kindly lent me a multitool (I had come out unequipped) and I was able to tighten my bearing clamp bolt. We chatted for a while.

I did a good 3 hours or so hard riding and my quads know about it today. I’ve still got most of the technique, but the stamina is starting to dwindle.

Homage to Unigeezer: I stopped at the top of a long climb to get my breath back. A young lad whom I had overtaken earlier rode past on his mountainbike and asked, “Tired?” I replied, “Yes, but only one tired.”