well, i've finally gone and busted up my torker cx

after a few weeks of trying to get the hang of hopping [with a gradually flattening tire], i’ve managed to pop the inner tube of my torker cx. this only happened because in a fit of rage, i threw my uni across the amphitheatre area i’ve been practicing in, and i guess the tire hit a corner or something. anyway, i’ve been pretty much set on upgrading to the torker dx for some time now, because i was absolutely ruining my wheel with the hops+drops, but it’s been out of stock @ UDC for a while now. i contacted torker about it and they said it’ll start shipping again in late september, much too far away for me.

my question would be: is there a decent replacement tire/wheel that would fit into the torker cx? rather than simply replacing the inner tube, i’d rather slap on a better tire if possible. just something to last me until the dx is back in stock.

also, though trials type riding seems fun and is something i may seriously try later on, i am currently set on getting the more street and freestyle techniques down. is the torker dx a good choice for this? if so, would it still be a good choice to start learning tricks on? i haven’t gotten much practice on the cx in terms of tricks, it’s basically something i’ve used to learn to simply ride. but i don’t want to get a quality uni only to fudge it all up by practicing stuff for the first time on it and risk more damage to it than if i practiced on something else first.

i think i had another question on my mind, but it escapes me for the moment. yea, sorry for the long post, but if anyone can shed some light or give some advice on the matter, i’d appreciate it, thanks :slight_smile:

:frowning: about my busted cx

:angry: at myself for giving into anger and throwing the uni in the first place

A flat tire is trivial to fix. You just need a new tube for about $5. Hardly a busted up uni. I’m assuming that the rim didn’t get bent.

If you don’t want to do the tube change yourself you can have a bike shop do it. Many bike shops do flat repairs for cheap. But changing a tube on a Torker CX is easy. The tire is easy to get off the rim. You just need a new 20" tube and a set of plastic tire levers.

If you want a new tire you can use most any 20" BMX tire. I’m not sure how wide of a tire you can fit in the CX frame. A 1.75" tire would surely fit. A 1.85" or 1.95" might maybe fit.

Get a floor pump so you can keep the tire properly inflated. It’ll save you from getting a pinch flat again. A good floor pump can be had for $25 or less at places like Supergo or Performance or other discount bike shops. There is no need to spend $40 or more on a floor pump (although it is easy to find pumps selling for that much or more). A decent floor pump is a needed piece of equipment.

If you want a Torker DX now you may be able to find one at a local bike shop. There are several local bike shops here in the Seattle area that still have 20" and 24" Torker DXs in stock. If you really want one now you should be able to get one. If you really really want one and can’t find one locally you may be able to have one of the Seattle area shops send it to you.

^ Words stolen from my mouth, check bike shops for the Dx, and just get a darn tube and a pump…shortened version

My friend has the torker CX 24".
The rim will pretty much fit a 1.75 only. Maybe a 1.85. As in, probably not worth upgrading.
I think I paid $2.50 for my last inner tube, and spend maybe 5 minutes putting it in. Didn’t even need a tire lever.

And I can’t say I’ve ever had and desire to throw my uni anywhere. :thinking: