well its broken

well a while back i posted a thread called well i fell hard …well i got more xrays today and, i broke my fibula. I got a cool purple cast that changes from blue 2 purple depending on the lighting…any way heres a picture of my cast
i couldnt find my digital camera so i had 2 use my cheapo web cam


ps. so no more unicycling for atleast another 4 weeks

Another reason to learn one footed riding.

Heal quickly, fellow unicyclist.

Sorry to hear that.

Add your name to the Injured Reserve List along with Evan Byrne.

that sucks man… how long was it broken before you got a cast on it?

Well, Ken Looi broke his too, so you’re in good company.

I had my wrist x-rayed today. Doc thinks it has broken since a uni accident last summer and was reinjurred during that last fencing tournament, I took several blows to that wrist (No, I guess I don’t parry well at all with a sabre). I find out Monday. She has me on 9 ibuprofen a day until then.

Can you work on Hand WW?

Cool cast. Glitter would be a nice touch.

Boy, that’s tough on both Podzol and Dorfman. Get better soon.
The purple is cool as long as it doesn’t clash with your uni! :smiley:

I wanna see the x-rays!! lol, i hope you get well soon, you can juggle while you cant ride lol

2 weeks…went 2 the hospitle the night it happend but they didnt find any breaks but told me 2 go 2 my normal docor on the next tuesday…i did she thought that it was broken or fractured just by looking at how swollen it still was…so she said that if its a hairline facture or just a small fracture that it takes somtimes up to 2 weeks 2 show up on x ray…so yea

Wow, smart doctor.

I really don’t think mine is broken, but I am really stymied by how much it hurts sometimes.

well i hope you get well soon podzol becouse from what i here you dont want those things 2 become longterm ailments…my dad broke his ancle when he was 18 and he says that it still gets swollen everyso often…

Wow, Too bad about your Dad’s ankle.Come to think about it I have a snowboard injury on my ankle that only stopped flaring up a couple years ago (It took 8 years to finish healing if indeed it has finally healed.)

Thanks for the well widhes, D. A fast and thorough recovery to you, too!