Well I'm Back.

Hey everyone, I doubt anyone remebers me. But im back ready to get back into riding again. I had to get rid of my custom KH20 to help with some assets. Its weird how something sticks with you so much. So im looking on building a new uni so i need some help.

I noticed Triton is back, and there is a couple new companies.

Any new shops or brands i should look into before i just go buy a new KH20?


welcome back.

naw, just get the kh20.


I figured thats what i will end up doing. But what about those Impact Frames?
And how are the K1 32 hole wheelsets?

+1 The K-1 wheelsets are nice… my son has one, but it doesn’t compare. Just as strong, but little things like not getting rid of the burrs around the holes take away from it. GO WITH KH!!

Is the addict Reagant frame good? looks light. and i have yet to see anyone with the 32 hole hub. :stuck_out_tongue: