well i finally got some videos in my gallery!

only 2 but more to come!

Re: well i finally got some videos in my gallery!

The above link doesn’t work as there’s no reference to your actual album… is an update possible?


P.S. I’m really excited about seeing these clips!

oops i’m sorry http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/albun31

Nice try on both the hopping and the uni spin. The videos are ok, but I would try to get them in a bit better lighting.

That being said, notice that I don’t have any videos or pictures up, mainly because I can’t do much and I don’t have a decent camera. Keep up the good work and continue to post videos.

If you keep posting them, I’ll keep watching them.


damn!,that was a huge hop…

I ran the videos through Virtual Dub to increase the brighness. Ah… now I can see what he is jumping on.

Virtual Dub is a freeware video editing program.

Go to Video -> Filters…
Add a brightness/contrast filter. Up the brightness by about 50%

Go to Video -> Compression…
Select Indeo format. Move the quality slider down to about 25 or 30 to get the final file size down.
If you have DivX installed you can select DivX instead of Indeo format.

File -> Save As AVI…
Pick a file name for the new AVI

Now you’ll be able to see what’s going on in the video.

BTW Nice jump up to the paletts, and be careful that you don’t scratch the car.

Cor, that’s a hell of a jump!

You’re braver than I am, though, doing it so close to a car…

Phil, just me

its actually fairly light in there just the camera makes it darker for some reson

Hey, Phil. No one is braver than you! U know it! :smiley:


Erm… Yes! Raaaarrrr!


Phil, just me

Hey John_childs Mabe you could send thoughs brighter versions to me and i’ll post 'em up… PM me Please :slight_smile:

Put up the lighter videos thanks to Mr. John C