Well, I did it!

I ordered a nimbus 36er on tues. night and while I was trying to log on to see if my order had shipped yet, the UPS dude pulled up with my new uni! Unreal!! So I quick opened the box, put it together and proceeded to the garage to mount up. I wasn’t able to free mount right away but I did pedal right up the driveway and around two blocks. I haven’t been on one in thirty years, I guess you never forget. I was able to free mount after a few try’s, so I am totally stoked. My crotch isn’t totally stoked though, do you guys wear padded shorts or what?

Go far, have fun, watch out for cars.

Awesome, and welcome to the fora.

I don’t, but I’ve been riding for like 2 years or something so I’m used to it. I just got my nimbus 36’er a few months back so I’ll probably get some padded shorts for the longer rides, but I’ve done up to 25m or so with no problem. There is a picture on here that shows how to sit properly. I’m guessing your a man, if so, don’t be scared to rearrange the boys, it helps alot. Out front, not down under. After some time you’ll get the hang on the sitting/ freemount motion and you won’t have to, but I still do with the 36er every now and then.

I’ve been wearing my mountain biking shorts, they have a padded crotch and rear, very comfy. That same thing happened to me, I went to check UPS, and it still hadn’t updated or said that it was out for delivery, record still showed it in another state, and then there was a knock on my door. This is my very first though, I can’t wait until I’m half decent, I’d love to ride a 36

Yes some unicyclists wear padded cycling shorts, but you should still be able to do quick rides fine without cycling shorts. You also need to consider the seat post height, a low seat can cause more pain. And spend some saddle time and you will get more comfortable as you get used to it.

Glad to hear your getting into it and having fun.