Can anyone point me in the direction of some websites which could teach me the basics of welding, theory, or preferably its practicalities. This is a skill i’ve long thought i should learn, but i want to see just what it involves b4 going any further. Thanx for any help u can offer on this one


Let’s see:

A Cornicopia of Info

Frame Building Mecha

The Brazing Book- ON LINE

Cheep Tools

What you REALLY want is frame building techniques (and yes, brazing/welding). There is a feaky group of people out there that want to share this info- do a Google search for either “Trike” or “HPV” (Human Powered Vehicle) or “Recumbant”, and you’ll find a wealth of information and help.

One more, for the road:


Good luck, let us know what you find- and how you apply it!