Welding Magura Mounts on an Aluminum Frame

I have a kh20 trials frame. Would it be possible to weld on break mounts on aluminum? If so, how? Does break mounts effect trials riding with poles? Is it worth the effort?

Any help would be much apreciated.


Re: Welding Magura Mounts on an Aluminum Frame

Danni wrote:
> I have a kh20 trials frame. Would it be possible to weld on break mounts
> on aluminum?

Yes. And no. Depends on the aluminum.

You can certainly weld aluminum. Well, you can’t (if you have to ask;
not trying to be rude BTW). But they did it when they built your frame.

You need to know the what alloy you have. Specifically if it’s tempered
(4 digit number followed by a T and a heat treatment number, e.g.
6061-T6) you will ruin the temper by welding it and it will break
later. If it’s not heat treated, then maybe you can safely add the
brake mounts. Might have to reinforce it there, but those fork legs are
probably pretty stout. If it was tempered, you might be able to have it
heat-treated again after welding, but I expect it would be better to
buy a new frame.

The other problem you have is that the braze on magura mount that you can buy are steel, these cannot be welded to auminium, ali frames like the KH ue aluminium machined mounts that can’t be bought seperately.

ummm why would you want to do that?

As David says. It is possible but is quite a tricky job. It’ll be easier and cheaper to buy a new frame, eg:


Also brakes are genreally considered a waste of time for trials unis.

i’d agree with kington, what do you think you’ll gain with these on a trials uni?

I thought it would help for poles. This is a kh frame.

Do you mean hopping on poles laid flat on the ground, like a cattle grid? Or landing on top of poles, like hopping between bollards? There was a long thread some time ago, the summary of which was that they’re useful for hopping across horizontal poles and landing on steeply sloped surfaces, but still not that useful. Maguras + mounts weighs over half a kilogram, brakes add complexity and are easily damaged on trials unis. I really wouldn’t bother, but hey it’s your choice.