Welding Cranks Question's

Hey, i was going to buy some Quax 10 spline cranks, but i see their only comming in 170mm’s now. My borther spawned the idea, Why not cut them, then weld them? I didnt think too much of it, i thought of it would kill the strength of them. Then, my dad was talking to me, and said, if done right, they’d be just like new. He welded for about 15-20 years for a company in town, so he knows what hes talking about for welding. I just wanted a second opinion to the question,

Would this weaken the cranks? Thus possibly being able to snap them?



You really wouldn’t know until you tried.

One problem I see is getting the pieces lined up just exactly right.

With a piece of mystery metal, you never really know what you’re getting into. If the cranks are a high-carbon steel or are a heat-treated alloy steel or aluminum, they might be weldable, but you might need to repeat the heat treatment after the welding.

I would think you’d want to make the weld out near the pedal end where forces are lower.

You might be better off cutting off the end, then drilling a hole and re-tapping the pedal threads.

But the Qu-ax cranks are big hunks of metal, I’m sure welding them is possible. Getting them really straight would be tricky; you’d have to have good cuts, and good welding.

yeah, im sure my dad could get em straight and strong. So i’m gonna buy those later today, but right now, i’m gonna practice some street stuff on it with the wobbly cranks, it shouldnt hurt it at all, considering its just gonna be unispins.

because i dont wanna kill my axel. Plus i need to take them off eventually to paint my rim.

they’re hollow

Yeah, i also know that. My dad said it’d work fine.

rewelding them would be fine, but you can’t tap pedals in a hollow space :roll_eyes: i dont know how it would work strengthwise, but i like the idea… what size are you going for?

Well, i’m gonna remove about an inch (2.5cm or 25mm) Making it a 145 instead of 170’s. I’ll probably match em to my current ones so they dont feel too awkward.

EDIT: Nevermind.