Welder in club = club UW

here’s what one of the club guys made, it’s very solid!

Chrome rim, square tubing, and the ends of cranks welded onto it.

The first prototype used flat sheet metal, and it allowed the rim to flex too much. It never made it unrideable, but you could pull it out of true pretty easily.

There is no flexing, or twisting in this setup at all!

(There will be more coats of paint to cover up the edges and an overal thicker coat, but this took the whole first can (automotive paint from CDN Tire, Torch Red)


informal poll: What tire are you using on your UW?

I use a hookworm.


i was thinking of a hookworm, but thought the rough serface it has might be grabby…do you find that?

What do you mean by grabby?

well, the texture of that tire makes it harder to rub your finger along it, kinda grabby.

No, I havn’t had this problem although I have never ran my fingers down this tire. I really like it on my uw because the lack of grip on the sides. I had a primo the wall tire on it and when it rupped up against my legs it really slowed me down. I feel the hookworm has alot less friction when it starts to rub. Know what I mean?


Good to hear, it’s a cool looking tire!

I think it needs a nice white walled 1.75" freestyle tire.:smiley:


You must put a FireBall on your UW. The FireBall makes it so much easier to ride and the sidewalls don’t rub too bad.


I like having the way the fireball makes the UW less twitchy than a regular tire, but I’m not convinced that it’s the best choice. The square profile gives it an edge on to rub against your leg where a rounder slick tire would perhaps be nicer.

Good question at the right moment.

Yes, I think once you have any experience with ultimates you’d like to choose a tire with few profile on the sides.

A semcycle ultimate wheel:


alright Leo! That looks Fantastic!

Leo’s UW looks like something out of the Museum of Modern Art. Fabulous.

And where migfht a person order/buy a hookworm tire/tyre?

As a beginning hacker UW rider, tire-to-leg friction is the single greatest challenge, and has caused me several grievous face plants.


Like most great unicycle parts, you can get them at Unicycle.com (The Source):

A quick ebay search revealed this:

Those are some nice looking UW’s I think I might have to add one to my 1 wheel collection some day.

Leo, where did you get that wonderful looking machine?


Leo, my first response to you was based solely on how cool it looks. After a second chance to look at it, I am blown away by the quality of the welds and everything. This Semcycle guy kows his stuff!

It’s the new semcycle model. I’m not sure if Teresa & Sem got them in stock right now, you’ll have to check with them via semcycle.com or by phone on 734-421-2505.

Not only it is beautifull, it is also stronger
(like you’ll ever break a spoke…).
But most important; I can tell you it rides better since it will hurt your your ankles less (because of the direction of the spokes).
Also it’s more easy to detect what’s the R and the L pedal.

The see the thing in action click here (1.7 Mb).

Also I’ve seen there a customized version of the regular model;
but then with 6 holes for the pedals; so you can change your pedals to 3 different heights.