Welded on some brakes

I welded on some v-brake bosses onto my Coker frame that I’ve been using my 29er wheel in. I have seen the light. Brakes make my 29er so much more muni-able. Bring on downhills.

cheers… Mojoe


hmmmmm where did you find the bosses?


Thanks for the photo. Looks like a nice job, there. I’ve heard alot about the attributes of hydraulic brakes lately. Do you notice any severe problems with the cheaper, less complicated, caliper type brakes? What’s the tape for on the far fork? It looks like you controlled the heat well and didn’t damage too much paint. Have you tried hydraulic brakes or are you unable to make a comparison because you’ve only used the calipers that you just installed?

Hi. The bosses are from an old Schwinn mountain bike frame hanging in my garage. I just cut them off with a cutting wheel and cleanded them up a bit with the bench grinder.

The tape on the frame is there from when I was using a computer with my Coker wheel. The tape shimmed up the sensor mount.

I’ve never used hydraulic brakes, so I can’t compare. I just had these v-brakes in the garage. They were on my mountain bike, but I switched it over to drop bars/levers and old school cantilever brakes to make it into more of a touring bike. The v-brake works well. I’m getting used to it now, and I keep looking for steep hills to ride down.

My welding leaves a lot to be desired. It’s functional, but not pretty. I’m using a $70 110v arc welder and it’s hard to get it to arc. It goes like this,( tap tap tap tap spark tap tap stick wiggle pull tap tap spark…ahh that’s it, not just move it around a bit and slather molten metal all around… ):smiley:

Oh, and the first one I welded, I got a little crooked. I couldn’t figure a good way to clamp the bosses to the frame, so I just sort of held them in place with a Vise Grips, fliped my helmet down over my face, and tap tap tap arc… Still, they work great and there is a lot of adjustment in the v-brake pads, so placement of the bosses is not super critical.

The rim I’m using is a narrow road rim(Mavic cxp21) that I borrowed from my track bike. I’ve been commuting on it for a couple months and rode it off road today, and I had no problems with it. I’ll replace it with a Sun Rhinolite some day.

The lever mounts sideways, right below the the GB handle. I can either pull with my left hand, or push with my right. I did have to cut off the computer mount to get the lever close enough, but I haven’t been using a computer lately anyway.


Here’s another view of the brake lever.