Welcome Video/ Snowed in...


So im sure im snowed in like the rest of you, it sucks! But if you back the cars out of the garage then its makes for an ok session.

on another note, i would like to welcome Bryan Corry to the UDC canada team, this ones for you budday!


Merry Christmas guys,
-Justin Kohse

p.s. ill be blogging a ton more on the www.municycle.ca/teamcanadablog site if anyones interested…

snow pictures.jpg

I loved that!

It was so great, the riding was creative, the editing was outstanding like always.

I can’t wait to see more stuff!


Outstanding!allthough the text ( begining) is getting old…

did you Chroma key out the white on the MDC Logo?

sorry thats the way my videos are done (beg.mid.end). the logo was cut out in photoshop and then i used a blending mode to give it the effect it had.

Great editing as usual, having the camera on the skateboard was an interesting idea. The backwards somersault made me laugh and the thing at 0:57 was cool. 360s and blind 360s looked really smooth.

I really liked this video. =p

using the cam on the board (usually when someone else is filming), can give it an interesting dolly look. Ill try it more next time with someone else.

Nice riding and video, though the camera angle at times leaves much to be desired.

vid makes your garage look huge :astonished:

So great. Loved it

Nice riding man. I like the feel of it. :slight_smile:

Was that a 540 at 1:22?

yeah, 540. Plastics sure make those and doubles easier.

Awesome video.

Zero-plant to flip was suprisingly cool. Editing and filming were wicked, as usual. The self-dollying skateboard shot was a cool idea, might have to try that.


Awesome video! Cool editing too :smiley:

Wow amazing:D

Love riding, love music, love editing…that was great stuff;)

the new guy and i are filming today…:smiley:

Yes! I can’t wait to see a vid of you and Bryan together. Will the vid be posted? I can’t wait.


I’d love to give that skateboard camera effect a try… That’s awesome stuff right there.

Cool vid. The 180 double was hot.

the ride went good, but we had so much fun only about 1/2 got filmed. So we need for footy…thanks for the comments though guys, 1 day till christmas!

HAHA! Nice skateboard thing, Always wanted to try something like that. I liked the flip footplant thing, very nice.