Welcome to the GCN show

Here’s my few seconds of fame on the GCN Show. Don’t laugh. It was my first time riding in the snow.


I love the GCN show, ever since they did a sorta lame xtreme unicycling clip, I wanted to send in a better one.

They’ve shown a few from what I remember, including one of what I think was a Unicon trials jump up onto like 6ft of pallets or something. They sat there arguing over whether unicyclists clip in or not to enable the bigger jumps… :smiley:

Cool intro Vertigo :smiley: I’ve been wanting to do one on my MUni - “Welcome” Hops on spot at the top of a big downhill “TO THE GCN SHOW!” drops into the hill and blasts down the rocks :smiley:

Nice one! :slight_smile:

Nice intro.



You guys should submit videos. The more unicycles the better.

I’ve thought about inviting them to Unicon. It’s going on during a one day pro cycling race. They could cover both and maybe even give unicycling a try.

Matt might fail to clip in and fall on his face though :roll_eyes:

Not that I would ever questions Matt’s clipping in ability :D, but you might be right. Just think of the faces Last would make. It might be too hot for Si though.