Welcome to the BIG world, Spyder

Oh yeah!


hey hey looks like spyder has a new friend

im jealous!


Welcome, are you ready for Mach 1 ??:smiley: :smiley:

Hey thats great, isn’t SPYDER in london aswell Brian?
Oh yeah Brian I was unlucky enough to get some taco spotting today when riding my coker, not as bad as yours in your video, but it went about 4 inches out to the side, this being told to me by a friend.

We now have 6 Cokers in the club :slight_smile:

Did it spring back to rideable, Jamie?

The more cokers the better.

I made the move up to 127mm cranks a few weeks ago. So much better for my area which is for the most part flat. It was a easy switch too.