Welcome from Fredericton New Brunswick Canada

Just wanted to introduce myself to the community.

I’m 45 and ride regularly (weekends and after work about 5 - 10 kms)

Love riding the trails and bmx trails.

It’s my hope to find others to ride with, but so far I’ve meet no other unicycle riders in the Fredericton area.

Also I need some help improving my riding skills.

So hello Everyone my Name is Todd

Welcome to the forums Todd, my name is Harry a.k.a Hazmat. Pleasure to meet you. :smiley:

1) Well at least you’re getting some exercise from one of the best sports ever. :smiley:
2) Sweeeeet!!
3) Have you looked up unicycle clubs and stuff like that? There could be some in your area todd
4) What kind of help are you acquiring??

Areas I need to work on

I am having difficulty learning to idle plus have not been able to ride backwards or pogo hop/jump.

I believe that my forward riding and turning skills are ok, along with stationary mount is fine.

I have watched the available video links and basic riding skills and understand that practice is the best way to accomplish them.

For me the best way to learn is by watching others and interacting with them. Others may catch flaws in my technique or bad habits. Unfortunately there are no other riders in the area.

Hey Todd.

I have never been to Fredricton but one of my best friends lived there for 4 months and she said it was beautifull. I plan on going there someday, probably next year after I move out east (havent decided where but probably either NS or NB)

I have the same problem as you, I have nobody to ride with and am having troubles with riding backwards and idleing but hopping came naturally.

What kind of unicycle do you have? I am finding I can go much farther trying to ride my 26" Muni backwards than my trials

I find hopping much easyer when you have lots of mechanical advantage over the wheels rotation (long cranks, small wheel). Just keep the cranks horizontal, your dominant foot forward hold onto the seat and try hopping remembering to move the wheel in the direction you are trying not to fall in.

Thats what worked for me, Oh and having the tire fairly soft but not squishy seemed to help too.

Peace and good luck!


I ride an 20" muni


I ride a 20" muni, not sure of the brand. Very early on I purchased a KH seat.
Nice and thick for those long rides. This weekend I’m riding 10 km for the terry fox run (wish I had a bigger wheel).

Unfortunately I’m finding the 20" may be to small for long rides.
Not sure what would be the right diameter so I can still ride long distance yet still do the muni trail.

There’s not really any vendors in my area that sell unicycles.

I have a 29/30 inch inseam.

Open to suggestions.

If you want a single wheel to do everything I would say that a 29er might be your best option

I have a 26X3 Muni which I really like, I had a second wheel I built up out of a second hub and the front wheel off an old junker road bike.

With the skinny tire and short (102mm) cranks I was able to go really quite fast but did not have much control, this eventualy resulted in my crashing at high speeds wripping all the ligaments in my shoulder, surgery, and 2 months of dooing nothing… I guess that 102mm was just to short for my level of experience at the time.

the setup with the 3" wide tire is realy not ideal for on the road but is excelent on the trails.

I use a 36er for my longer distnce rides and it can handle easyer singletrack and munibut is definately harder to control.

welcome and enjoy your stay at unicyclist.com

Upgrade 26" or 29"

If you were upgrading from 20" which would you choose (26" or 29")?

I would like more speed and distance plus muni capability.

I love my 26 but not for on the road, I would say the ultimate do everything unicycle would be the KH 29 with double holed cranks, but that is a lot of $$$.

Either one would doo, they are both quite similar band the big difrence is in the tire, you can get all sorts of 26" tires suitable for a wide range of riding conditions and styles but tyre selection for 29ers is still a bit limited when it comes to a more agressive tread.

For some reason 26" unicycles do not seem to be that common so it might be easyer to find a 29.

You would probably be happy with either but if you are looking for speed you will be looking at a 36" before long…

Did trial run of Terry fox course today 5kms

I rode my uni 5kms today in 52mins with a short break at the 2.5km marker.
The weather was breezy and cool, rode against the wind in for 2.5km.

Looks like I should have no problems with the course. From a comfort perspective, I don’t think I want to do the full 10 kms.

Oh well, do with what I have for now till I find a better bigger wheel.


Hi Todd: You still riding in Fredericton. I’m new here. North side. Learning.

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