Welcome, Creating.....

Thanks for the welcome message, Beirne, it’s good to be here I can’t unicycle
yet, mainly 'cos all the cycles I’ve ever been in contact with have two wheels.
I’m at the drawing board stage of making one and I thought I’d check out the
design with you lot.

An axle with a fixed hub, with two retainer ring type ball bearings on either
side. Should the ball bearings have double runners or will single row surfice,
what maximum dynamic load will they need to support? The pedals will then be
fixed to the axle, outside of the ball bearings, by the standard method used on
bicycles. What crank length is better, long or short?

The wheel will be attached to the hub with spokes, right, what is the best size
wheel? Considering that I still have to learn.

The ends of the fork will then have clips which fit around the outer rings of
the ball bearings. What should the height between the axel and the seat be, I’ll
obviously make this adjustable though.

And now, lastly, the seat. I’ve got a rough idea what they should look like, big
bannana-ish, but how would one of these things be fabricated.

Thats it, top to bottom, think it will work?

Thanks, regards


Duncan Mills ph: 0027-21-6503181 Dept. of Materials Engineering fax:
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