Welcom Back

Thought I’d wax sentimental for a minute, seeing as how I’m feeling inspired. :roll_eyes:

Finally, it’s here.

Yesterday I was able to go on the first dirt Muni ride of 2014. Thank God the snow is almost gone. I didn’t know if I was gonna make it. Higher altitude roads now have a shoulder to ride on, which means I can finally break in my 700c.

Riding yesterday, I haven’t missed a beat. Every year it seems like you get a bit better, and I can wait in anticipation for what’s to come this season.

This year, I finally have a solid perspective on all of the local trails, so I can spend more time in better places. Last year, I didn’t find any of the really awesome trails until August (that’s halfway through the season!).

I’m excited to say the least.

Throughout my last two seasons of Muni and road riding, you guys have always been there to help me with any questions I may have. For that, I’m extremely grateful. Many of you also serve as a huge inspiration to me, and I will continue to strive to be half the rider that you guys are.

My 2014 season has begun. Hope you all enjoy yours.


Jealous. Trails around here ought to be closed for at least 2 more months.

I should add that that pic is not from yesterday. It’s from last year. :smiley:

This will only be my 2nd year as a uni rider (started around july 2013) and I feel what you say! I was definately not prepared for the lack of riding over the winter. Went from 10+ miles a day to maybe 20-30 miles a week, as the weather (and it going dark super-early) has basically made me stop riding my favourite spots and just do a few miles down the road to keep my legs awake.

I’m excited to join you (in spirit of course), hoping I can soon!

I’m so happy spring is coming. This winter there has always been ice and on the rare occasion when the ice melts it’s mud so I’m stuck…

Also I’m looking forward to this summer so I’ll have time to unicycle. I’ve done so little on my unis lately it’s not funny.

I built my 700c up with every intention in world of riding road all winter long. Then I realized that I’d get plowed off the road. :frowning: I still have only one good ride on it, but with the warmer weather, it’s time to blow the dust off and spin up some mountains.

Oh, and I left an ‘e’ off of welcome in my thread title… dammit!