weirwolf 29x2.55

has anyone had experience w/ this tire on their uni?

Switched from Kenda Klaw to Nano Rapture

After logging over 700km on my Kenda Klaw I swapped it out Friday for a Nano Rapture.

I’ve been shopping for a 29" tire for awhile that could dual purpose my daily commutes to work on bike trails and do modurate off road and muddy hills.

I choose it due to less rolling resistance, and more suitable for the trails I ride on. The Kenda Klaw was amazing on the snow, mud, hills. Now that its spring/summer I have a lot of bike trails, and some off roading I want to do.

My tire is inflated to 32psi and it turns alot better then the kenda klaw.

I also find the tire to be lighter. Haven’t tried and hopping or jumps yet.

check this thread:

It appears that the original poster liked the tire but others who replied said that it really isn’t that great. “Expensive and paper thin” was one of the quotes, and I remember I was reading some reviews on mtb forums that reported the same thing…thin sidewalls, prone to pinch flats.

I really like the Kenda Navegal after trying it out a few times on singletrack and light muni. I originally had the Nano raptor(same tire company as weirwolf) tire that legtod2 was talking about and I did not like it for offroading, the navegal is infinitely better. The Nanoraptor was fine for use on the road, but it just didn’t feel right offroad at low pressure.