Weirdoe Magnet/There is power in Jesus. (yes, this DOES belong in RSU.. somewhat)

So I was riding down my usualy little path of pavement when I was stopped by this young foreign-looking man in his 20’s dressed in a clean white collared shirt, straight black pants and black leather shoes carrying a guitar case.

He tells me(In very broken and accented english):

“You are blessed by Jesus”

“I am? Yeah, I guess I am”

“Yes, you are blessed by Jesus. Jesus has blessed you and with his help you can do great great things.”

“Sweet, that’s pretty cool”

“Yes. I was looking at you do that thing there and I knew that you were blessed by Jesus. Do you pray before you do this?”

“Umm no sir, I don’t”

“You have to pray because Jesus will help you and with Jesus’ help you will learn better and the Bible it says to ask and you shall receive. So you ask Jesus, and he will help you”

“I don’t think Jesus has time to help me land a double-crankflip”

“Jesus always has time because he is very powerful”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right”

“What is your name?”

“My name is Owen”

“Hello, my name is Ham. H-A-M. Ham”

“Like the meat?”

“yes-yes, like the meat”

“that’s cool… oh, I see you have a guitar-case there… do you play the guitar?”

“Yes. I play the guitar”

“oh neat, It’s kindof like the unicycle… You have to practise and practise and then you get the hang of it”

“Yes and I pray to Jesus and he helps me learn”

“What kind of music do you play?”


“yeaaah… but do you play the blues? Rock and Roll?”

“I play this song. I think it is a very nice song. Do you know it?”

(he then proceeds to sing the timeless classic of “the corner master’s store” But replaces the words by: There is power! Power! Power in Jesus Christ! in his bloooood! In his blooooood! There is power! Power! Power in Jesus Christ in his holy, holy blood!)

“Ummm kinda… those weren’t the right words though”

“Then you don’t know the song”

“I guess not”

“Did you go to church today?”

“Nah, I was busy”

“You should never be too busy for God because God is never too busy for you and the power of man can do very little, but the power of God can do everything”

“Damn, yeah, that’s cool”


“So you should pray before you do this because Jesus will help you”

“Ok, Will do Ham!”

“Okay, have a great great day brother”

That was a short summary of my conversation with the man. It’s somewhat funny. I never thought that Jesus would help me land double-crankflips but hey, Jesus was way cool… He could land more crankflips than Shaun on speed.

That’s so cool. Jesus was so cool.

Weird though… while obviously having been brain-washed, the man really shined out as being genuinly happy. Which is pretty concerning… surely this state of mind can’t possibly help him relate to, or understand other people but hey… it seems to work for him.

To each his own path towards happiness I guess.

Oh and btw, I landed a double-crankflip… creepy…

so thats why kris is so good it all make sence now “I got a calling from the lord” if you know what im talking about

You’re wrong, this doesn’t belong in RSU except that you actually used the word unicycle. Maybe you should consider posting this in the tutorials section and maybe opening a class for learning (or simply acquiring) high level skills. There is power in your wall sockets, too, but I don’t recommend that you plug yourself in to learn a 540 unispin. Not that it wouldn’t be a learning experience.

Hahaha, sweeet man, that is so cool. One time someone at the church I used to go to said God has given me a very special gift, when I showed him that I could solve the rubiks cube real fast.
Anyway, maybe you should pray before you ride next time. See what happens. Just for kicks.

It’s not a tutorial because it hasn’t been proven to be effective or worthwhile yet. I started this thread with a small anecdote to get us started on the topic of “unconventional unicycle learning-strategies”. Like you said.

This tottaly belongs in RSU. A title change might be in order but the topic remains relevant nontheless.


That background song is so beautifully ironic and prophetic… if you listen closely to the words. It’s definitely not a “God’s helping me” song.

Thanks Murde… I’m looking forward to your next video! I’m still playing the last one often. BTW there seem to be two different versions of the Keep Movin’ song on it, and I’ve only been able to find the one by Mr. Scruff… am I missing something?

I don’t think so… I cut the first song in half and put in the Mr.Scruff one in between. The Supergrass song is “Moving” I believe…

Yeah… I got some mad heeby-jeebies when he was singing that song aswell… I was thinking “Oh man, this ain’t right…” :stuck_out_tongue:

I love having these little experiences.

Like the time I came back from a ride, sat down, and talked to this ex Motocross athlete who told me about how he had destroyed his knees, had to relearn how to walk and give up his athletic career.

It was a sad story… We had a good talk.

Sweet, thanks! A couple of weeks ago I spent more than a couple of hours looking; there are tons of songs called “Keep Moving” or similar.

Excellent music.

Cool story.

this thing happend to me aswell cept he was all like so why do you not belive in jesus it was like he was trying to convert me. I mean i have respest for other religions, but those type of peoplle who keep going on and on just piss me off any here agree w/ me

Allow me to summarize the story…

Owen went unicycling. He talked to some guy about unicycling and other topics. He finally landed a double-crankflip on his unicycle.

Way to go! Thanks for posting that story here in RSU! :slight_smile:

Edit: I actually would prefer to see this in JC, because over there it would be a topic we could have more fun with.


I can guarantee that this would get me to do a 540 unispin faster than praying.:stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, definitely ‘sig-worthy.’ :sunglasses:

Either route - praying or sticking a finger in the wall socket will accomplish the same thing - bringing you closer to god.

hahahaha clever!

(Assumes ‘belive in jesus’ means ‘believe in the existence of Jesus’)

Just for the record, Jesus’ existence is fact. Maybe not the ‘theological Jesus’, but the ‘historical Jesus’ was a real person, like me and you. God’s existence is a whole other issue. I’m sure that’s who you meant, though.

And, no rants, please. I was just clearing up a fact and frequent (mis)representation.

Murde, you should have asked the guy to play some crazy Metallica. When he said that he couldn’t, you could just tell him to pray that nite, and then meet you tomorrow to show you how God has helped him to do great great things… like play some crazy Metallica after only one day’s practice. That would be sweet. Haha.

Surely electrocuting yourself is suicide, which is a mortal sin and thus you will go to hell, which is a far from god as is possible? I could argue about your other route but I’ll leave that for now.

hecklar, I take you point about the historical existance of Jesus, i think that’s why people use the phrase ‘believe in jesus’ to mean to believe in the message and the teachings of jesus, rather than just his physical existance as a historiucal figure. It’s a bit vague sure but I think that’s what most people mean by it.

this was an awesome story

nah i knew jesus exists but all that stuff bout the bread and fish being shared and walking on water i dont belive (I had to watch some wack ass vidyo bout that kinda stuff)looks up sees kington99’s post and nods in agreement

but can you see my point

i have a friend named jesus…
i asked if he could help me landing double crankflips…
what the hell i got to do with that?!

i thougt it was a very nice think he didn’t burn me with his laser eyes…
or any other god-power… that’s gotta hurt.

i saw a frog that day…
creepy huh?!