im very confused by this unicycle… is this an older model of the KH frame?

it’s the old kh frame… I think it’s the 03’s correct me if Im wrong

im pretty sure its pre 03 only for the fact that in 03 the kh frames went to orange…maybe an o2?

i thought it was a 04

your right jungauni… i was wrong before…i did alittle searching and fount that indeed the 2004 model kh unis hasd balck frames

isnt thqat called a “pro” frame? or something…

other way around…the 03 was orange, then in 04 it changed to black. now its blue!

Hehe I have that uni, but mine is more of a stylishly scratched everywhere colour than it is black :smiley:

edit: I seem to remember the 03 AND 04 KH24s being black, with the only difference being that the 04 upgraded to nubless cranks. Are there any factory orange KH24s?

Two things give it away as an 04.

  1. Denubbed cranks
  2. Aluminum seatpost (03 was steel I believe)

I don’t think there ever an orange KH MUni, certainly not the 03. The KH trials used to be orange (so were the summits of course)

hmmmh. so its an 04?