Weird way to kick-up mount?

OK, I’ve been trawling through the forum looking for stuff on kick-up mounting, which I heard about but never heard what the technique was, and it turns out I’ve been doing it weirdly. The normal technique is to start with the uni on its side, sideways in front of you, put one foot underneath the seat, the other foot on the crank/pedal facing up, and bring the seat into position with your foot and put the foot on the other pedal. Sounds hard to me …
Anyway, what I tried when I heard about kick-up mounting is I brought the uni to a seat-dragging-in-front position, put one foot on the bottom pedal (the trials tire I was using, because I don’t have another uni, kept rubbing the side of my knee, so if I were youse I’d try it with a Hookworm or somthing of that nature), leaned the tire against my leg, brought my foot around to about the seat post clamp, hooked my foot around the seat post and brought the seat up to my hand, put my left foot on the pedal in the same motion, rode back a quarter revolution, and rode away with the seat out in front.
Is there a name for this mount? Is it an “official” mount?

It’s not legally a kick up, but it is an “official” mount. I’ve seen a video of Ryan Atkins doing that exact mount in his movie, which can be downloaded from one of his galleries. You can also do the standard kickup from a running start, which I find to be easier, partially cuz I suck at it.

Max was showing me that mount in Minneapolis last December. it was pretty cool to watch.


yeah joe the thing ive seen you do is definately not the official kickup mount. as you probably know thats the one where you lay the uni on the ground sideways and kick it up. youre sort of just kicking the seatpost up into your hand. nonetheless it is a trick. so have you gotten better at it than the last time i saw you(probably yesterday)? also, your KH seat is holding fine with 3 bolts despite my massive girth. ive taken drops and landed stupidly but its fine. see you tues at 8. tell your mom no dinner lol.

I think what onewheelwizzard describes is a swing up mount.
Take a look at the description in the IUF rulebook.

The skill described in the original post is not in the standard skills list. Although, it could be acurately named “pick up seat in front free foot” because this is the name given to the same trick in the standard skill list 159.c.
The only difference is that 159.c is used as a transition to pick up seat drag in front.

Damn, what a bunch of babble. Sorry, you’ve made it this far.
If you want clarification on the swing up mount read on.

The described skill in the original post is not a swing up mount. A swing up mount begins with the wheel upright, one foot on its corresponding pedal, and the front of the seat in the air. i.e. the unicycle is stationary, in a drag seat in back position. The rider “swings”/kicks the frame up with their free foot, then (without using hands, ideally) brings their free leg up and over the seat in mid-swing. The rider ends on the seat, with both feet on their corresponding pedals.

The key word in the Standard Skill description is beside the unicycle, as opposed to having the seat in front and standing behind the unicycle.


The swing up mount is also different in that you stand perpindicular to the unicycle when starting. This is not very well described in the rulebook. The trick originated with Luc Tremblay of the Montreal Circus School/Cirque du Soleil, and I’m pretty sure the swing up mount is a description of his trick.

If you will swing the seat up with your right foot, you stand with the unicycle in seat drag behind position, with the seat extending out to your right. When you swing up the seat, you turn your body 90 degrees to the left and ride away.

From what’s available in the Standard Skills List, the closest thing is the pick up mount (#209). Your variation skips the initial jump, but uses the foot to pick up the seat.

I wouldn’t want to try that one totally freehanded :astonished:

So the swing up mount is just like a kick up mount except you kick the frame/seatpost instead of the seat?

Wasn’t someone talking about setting up a skills gallery or something like that?
Does it exist? Where?


No. In the swing up, the unicycle wheel starts in an upright position, and you have to turn 90 degrees while meeting up with the seat to ride away. For a kick up, the unicycle is lying on its side.

Yes, video clips would sure be helpful!

Sorry guys, I don’t have a video. I’ve got no camera. I did think I saw a video of someone doing it once, but I never found out where it came from. I’ll ask Nick (shadowuni), because I think it was on his computer. If I can find it and link you to it, I will.

I’m still not sure how a swing up mount is done, so i’ll break it into tiny bits, so even I can understand it.

Swing up mount (swinging seat up with right foot):

  1. The unicycle is in front of you, seat to the right, left pedal down, wheel upright?

  2. Place left foot on left pedal and right foot under the frame?

3a) Transfer your weight to your left foot leaning left leg against the wheel to keep it upright while swinging the frame upright with right foot?


3b) Swing up the frame by jumping with your right leg while you keep the wheel upright by not transfering your weight to the left pedal?

  1. Swing your right leg around the front of the saddle, place right foot on rigth pedal, get seated, go!?



Ok, I’ve read the thread (well most of it) and I still don’t understand how these other mounts work. I can do a regular kickup so now I want to try some of these other mounts. Does anyone have some vids of the mounts being preformed?


the mount joe does isnt really like any of the ones youve described. basically he puts his right foot on the right pedal while the seat rests on the ground in front of him. then he uses his left foot to pull the seat up to his hand by kicking the post. next he rides away with the seat out or whatever.

confused. is it this mount?

or is this another mount?


thats basically the mount. except joe starts with his right foot on the pedal and uses his left to kick the post up. also, he doesnt do the little wrap-around part.

This is the one I do; then ride away SIF. Jamie does one in OWNL, then rides away backwards SIF.

Why not call this a “toe-up mount”?

There are also some amazing variations on OWNL.

I was actually thinking about doing exactly the variation in that video next! Nice work with that.

I like that name, “toe-up” mount. I’m all for using it. Note to self: watch OWNL all the way through next time …

That’s it! It’s definitely more of a swing motion than a kick motion. The seat has to move slow enough for you to coordinate rotating around and onto it as it comes up. As I remember, a big part of the learning curve for me was getting the right amount of swing speed and power. Too slow/easy and it falls back. Too fast/hard and it whacks into the bruise on the side of your left knee, which is already there from doing it before. Also you will have a bruise on the top of your right foot, or better shoes than what I used.

That is a variation on the pick up mount ( But the foot-lifting versions have a different start. The pick up mount starts with the pedals level and a jump onto them. So a different name is needed for the basic mount, then add “leg around” to that.

Maybe something like “pick up with foot, leg around.” But there is not yet an official name for those tricks. We need to establish a way to name things that aren’t on the Standard Skills List. That list is not intended to include everything, but it’s the only really officially recognized listing of its kind.