Weird Unis

I was browsing through the forum (like the lurker i am) and i saw the phrase “recumbant unicycle”

I was wondering if anyone had a pic of a uni like this, cuz i never heard of such a thing. Also, feel free to post other pics of odd unis. I’d love to see them

John Foss’s website is usually an excellent place to start for pictures of weird unicycles, although it seems to be broken at the moment. His “garage” section has a recumbent unicycle, as well as lots of other weird stuff…

Just in case it starts working again:


Yes its broken

It really takes the piss!!!
I love Unicycling. At first it was a bit of fun then it was a hobby
Now its my life and as I cannot just catch a train and see someone else who rides a Uni was my only Unicycling friend and now its dead the suspense is really killing me I want to talk to someone!!!

                                             :angry: :(

Google rules.