Weird unicycling dreams!

lol Kerv

I had a good one last night about the final of the muni world championships being on television.

It was a two man race between Kris Holm and another rider, who was well known to me in the dream but whose name I had forgotten by the time I woke up. Both riders were carrying big rucksacks, as if this was to be a multi-day unsupported off-road event, carrying all of their camping kit.

KH took a commanding lead on the first climb, but on the ensuing descent the cameras concentrated on the other rider, as he rode in a superman position with his stomach on the seat and no other point of contact with the unicycle. His speed was remarkable, the way he managed to balance the unicycle still more so, until he collided with a spectator (who later turned out to have been a marshal) who had stepped in front of him without looking.

Superman position, now that’s evolution right there!:smiley:

MuniAddict, elpuebloUNIdo, Danny Colyer - you made my day!
Once or twice I had a dream about riding up the stairs and down some really steep hills (which I couldn’t ride in real life). Not so weird, but at least I have unicycling dreams now and then

Today I had a dream about coming to where I’m going to perform on a unicycle today. Actually it was not that place but their office in Moscow. My siblings are waiting for me outside and training some uni tricks while I’m introduced to two women who would talk over today’s performance with me. Then one of them notices unicycles outside and thinks they were stolen from the office. I say: “Relax, it’s my brother and sister, they followed me here”. Then I notice a unicyclist (whom I don’t know) riding out on the street on a trials 20", then I see that other unicycles are attached to him with ropes, including Nimbus Oregon, dragging along the ground.
I come out and say my siblings we should meet him, they come with me and I say: “Who’s going to watch over our unicycles?”, and sister stays. Then I see my brother carrying some weird unicycle, 12" or even less, with a saddle looking like a mushroom cap, and I say: “Why are you with a unicycle? We’re going to play our joke” (like we see a uni for the first time and always dreamed of trying it, which I like to do in real life). Then he says: “I’ll tell him it’s a stool”.

I was remounting a tire on my 29er. I don’t recall why; maybe to rotate it. As I had it on the rim, but not inflated yet, I noticed that it was completely toast. Torn in both directions. extensively along its length (can’t remember whether along tread or sidewall, but I’m leaning toward tread for some reason) and also nearly from bead to bead in one place. I could see the tube, which was holding air, sitting inside of it through the tears. The bead, itself, was fine; not that was terribly helpful in the grand scheme of things.

I didn’t remember (in the dream) the explosion that would have had to cause something like that (if it were even possible considering how tires are built; the tears weren’t in the directions that carcass threads run, and they weren’t cuts). I also somehow hadn’t noticed while mounting it or before. I’d hope I would have if it wasn’t a dream. There is no way the tube, which I hadn’t replaced, wouldn’t also be toast after such a blowout.

This tire was definitely the one that is on my uni right now in real life. It is 1.75", but looked wider in the dream, though I suppose that could be due to the massive tear along its length. Fortunately, I have a spare tire due to a mishap that caused me to unintentionally order two of them instead of the intended one back in May. The dream ended before I even started to put that on and, hopefully, get some riding in.

It is actually time to rotate my tire.

Had my first one last night (having spent the weekend away camping and riding our custom cruisers). I was just riding round and round this car park laughing like mad because although I could ride it well (which I can’t yet) I realised I hadn’t learned how to “free dismount” yet - which is apparently a thing in dreamland - so I was stuck.

Other people just rotate the cranks. Less work.

Or if you could afford and use a Schlumpf hub …

I tend to dream about unicycle projects I’m tinkering with. I messed up a paint job recently and barely slept that night, having half-dreams the entire time about how “if I just spray clearcoat on top of this, everything will be ok!”

Then I woke up and realized I had to sand it down to bare metal again, and that my sleeping brain doesn’t understand how paint works.

It would definitely be less work. However, I have had terrible luck with square-tapered cranks developing creak, and these have been solid since I put them on and I’m chicken to mess with them for fear of going down that road again. That, and square tapers have limited remove/install cycles and I rotate several times per year. So I do rotation the hard way. Maybe I should just buy the shorter cranks I’ve been thinking about and force the issue for one of my rotations.

I very much cannot afford a Schlumph hub, but that would definitely fix the rotation problem. Perhaps I’ll have a dream about owning one. Hopefully not one about it blowing up.

I was tearing down a ridgeline single-track, crisp fall day, beautiful scenery, blue sky … when suddenly a FlyRoid-powered magic carpet whizzes by! I turn to avoid a collision but UPD over a cliff. As I fall, my KH26 transmogrifies into an F-14 Tomcat. My camelback is now my faithful RIO, Goose, “Talk to me Goose.” “Hit the brakes, Mav, he’ll fly right by.” We nimbly climb above the “absurdly” awkward FlyRoidRunner … “I’m too close for missiles - switching to guns.” The rest must be too grizzly to remember. Pretty sure it involved a broken femur, though. :wink:

I blame this topic, but I had a dream last night that suddenly I could ride one-footed with zero issues. I remember thinking “oh wow, this is great. It’s probably a dream, so let me try this.”

And then I had somehow combined unicycling with one of my other passions, street luge, and was gliding with my feet on the frame down a twisty 20% grade road at about 65mph.

But this morning it just seems so much harder. :thinking:

I had a weird unicycle dream once
The Queen (of Denmark) was riding onna gravel road snowy and muddy. She rides over a ice covered puddle but goes through the ice and it’s quite deep. Luckily my sergeant in our old Mercedes gelandewagen 240

And saves her.

Keep dreaming and maybe you’ll come up w/ a great uni invention :sunglasses:

A bunch of things started out as someones dream (as, in their sleep, not “I hope this will happen”).
Including the sowing machine, Terminator, Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity, the discovery of benzene, and the scientific method.

I was riding along a tow path/rail trail the other day that had several gates and bridge railings that offered the opportunity to work on hops on the fly which I think influenced a subsequent dream.

Said dream drifted back into my conscience today. In it I had instantly mastered hopping and my uni had become a spring loaded rocket launched pogo stick. I’m not sure how a warehouse got into it but I was bouncing up 25’ high and smashing my head against the ceiling. Causing damage along the way. Unfortunately I don’t remember the rest but that is the good part. Sometimes you get vivid memories of dream segments.

Haha, My friend just got his uni and learning to ride, he had a dream he did 20 revolutions compared to the 5 he was maxing out at. another friend who came to learn also had a uni dream, that he could actually ride it. Still waiting on my first uni dream to come~

Unfortunately, in most of my unicycle dreams I’m crashing into a beam or falling or getting hit by a car. Must have something to do with all the accidents I’ve had over the years.