Weird unicycling dreams!

Okay, so I just woke up, and remembered one of my dreams. It was me unicycling down the road, and my uni had a sprocket… I wasn’t able to slow down, unless my mind thought “Hey, lets not kill him, we’ll put back-pedal brakes on it.” In an odd way it was cool, scary, and I felt exceedingly lazy all at the same time! I guess that wasn’t that weird, but I thought I might start a thread that sounded good… at 2 in the morning. Haha.

I have a unicycle dream too, and it’s an interesting road to travel trying to make it come true. Now I dream of investors and website traffic. :frowning:

I sometimes dream that I am already really consistent with the tricks I am currently learning or want to learn in near future :smiley:

Yeah, I don’t know any tricks… The extent of what I can do, is a rolling hop up a curb about 90% of the time. Haha. And can’t hop around in one spot and then do a side hop yet though. I can hop in one spot and turn around in a few hops though! Do you think I used the word “hop” enough? Hahahaha.

Yeah, I’ve had really realistic dreams of being super-consistent with tricks I wish I knew how to do. then i wake up, and am sad:(

I had that dream once where I was able to coast. I wasn’t simply able to coast, it was easy to coast. I could coast standing on the seat!

A few years back I had a project where I wrote rap songs about my dreams. I had one about unicycling and then this guy Kevin contacted me and wanted to make a music video for my song. This is the video that he made.

I do dream about unicycling too! In every dreams I am doing crazy never-before done tricks. And when I woke up I look back and say to myself:" yeah, right :sunglasses: !"

haha i ride with kevin he is super cool!!!

I dreamt that I was riding my *bicycle but in a manual (wheelie) idling forward and back with the thrust of my hips on the back wheel. So far I can’t pull this off while awake.

*Before you guys jump on me about this being a bike dream note that it is the idling motion that comes from unicycling.

I usually don’t remember my dreams, but this one was so vivid!

I “woke up” and there was a strange, gray colored 36er unicycle lying on the ground in my driveway. It had what appeared to be a very strange chain guard about 2 feet long and the chain had the tiniest teeth. When I picked up the unicycle noticed that the cranks were extremely long, maybe 400-600mm! It also had a schlumpf hub.

I noticed the name “Florian S.” etched on the frame so I immediately knew who it belonged to. But WHY was this in my driveway? I ran back in my house—but it didn’t seem to be my house now, but rather some kind of “communal living center”, with various strangers in sleeping bags pretty much everywhere! (Was this “occupy Terry’s house”, lol!) I opened the door to one of the rooms and there was a woman just waking up. She didn’t seem startled by my presence and I asked her if she knew where Florian was. She said she thought he was looking for me.

I ran back outside and the unicycle was now gone! I ran down the street to a coffee shop and the uni was lying down just outside, so I thought Florian would be inside. But after a quick check he was nowhere to be found. (In reality, I have never even seen a picture of him, so I would not know him on sight.) I went back out to pick up the uni and ride it back but I was bare footed and couldn’t ride it with the sharp pinned pedals! So I asked the owner of the coffee shop if I could leave the uni inside.

There was a corner area inside the coffee shop where there was already a lot of other stuff people had stashed, and he said I would need to buy something first! I promised I would when I got back and that seemed to be fine with him. So now I started running back, bare footed, back to that strange place that was once my house, but I got lost!

I found myself walking through all these awesome trails, with huge drops and the most challenging looking terrain, and what had to be millions of trees that must have been a mile high! I told myself to remember these places so I could come back and MUni. I found a shady spot and stopped to rest, and there again was Florian’s strange looking 36er! I moved the cranks and noticed a HUGE amount of play in the geared hub! That weird chain guard was rattling too. I tried to stand it up so I could at least roll it back to the place, but it felt like it weight 100 pounds! Then I really woke up, and proceeded to write down the dream.

Here’s mine! Less of a unicycle dream but more the story about the dreaming…

So I’m taking my science HSPE (High School State Proficiency Exam) and I finish with about an hour left over. Great. So I take a nap with my sweatshirt as a pillow. I fall asleep pretty quickly and start to dream…

Now I’m riding my trials down the street. No big tricks or lines or anything, just riding. Riding along, riding, riding, until bam! I hit a 2" drop. Wow. The thing is, it was so unexpected, I completely crash. You know that thing in Inception, a “jump” I think it was called? When a sudden jolt knocks you out of a dream? Well yeah. That’s what happened.

So I’m jolted out of this dream by my crash and wake up in my chair at my desk. Not just a normal wake up. No, I kick my feet out in front as you would if you crashed and tried to run it out and practically twitch out of my chair. I then look around… “Oookayyy… nobody saw that…”

Apparently, nobody did, or if they did, they didn’t say anything. :smiley:

Wow Unigeezer That’s some dream you had there. Wonder what that can possibly mean?

My uni dreams are rather boring, but nice none the less. I’m cycling somewhere flat, and I’m going in a straight line and no wobbling. (which isn’t like me at all):smiley: I have dreams were I can idle for forever :roll_eyes:

I dream everynight without fail.
It wears me out sometimes when I dream I’ve already done a day’s work, and then I wake up and realise I’ve not been to work yet.:frowning:

I always dream I hit a big bump and have to do a balance correction but physically do it and wake myself up, bit like when you fall in a dream :stuck_out_tongue:

Last night I had a dream that I was in boot camp for the army. (We were training to fight Russia :astonished: :thinking: I think) and somebody had a bike they were taking apart. For some reason their wheel had pedals on it. So I asked if I could ride it. ANd I did however there was no frame or seat and you could only pedal forwards and glide. I was very weird feeling. Like an ultimate wheel combined with a BC wheel. Quite fun. I got going really fast and then crashed into an officer… Then it ended.
Oh also before I rode it I had to fix the tire. It was flat. But the tube was made out of two pieces. Like two bananas. Weird

I had a dream I could ride one footed. I was able to ride so effortlessly… Took me a while to realise it was a dream and when I did I was quite disappointed.
(can’t ride on one foot, yet)

I wouldn’t call them unicycle dreams, but sometimes as I enter a light sleep, I’m overwhelmed with the feeling of riding a unicycle, at which point I start to feel like I’m falling, I get that weird feeling in my stomach, and I’m jolted awake and upright.

It pisses me off to OH SO CLOSE to sleep and have that happen -.-

Last night I dreamt I was doing trials on some undeveloped dirt area. The whole area was covered in piles of old, rotten junk. I remember riding up to a pile of old, unwashed socks, and remember thinking how important it was not to fall onto any of it. The dream had a grungy, post-apocalyptic feel to it, but at the same time, I was riding my unicycle, so how bad could things really be?

In the first unicycle dream I remember (during the time I started practicing but could only ride a couple revolutions), I mounted and rode down a cobblestone street somewhere in Europe. After I had gone a block or so, there was a downhill, and I free-wheeled down it. Even before waking up, I started to realize that my unicycle does not free-wheel, and that it was just a dream.

In the next dream, I was unicycling up walls. Woke up realizing that was a dream.

Reminds me of the dreams I used to have about finding a bunch of money. I counted the money, and it was all $40 bills. The realization that there was no such thing as a $40 bill caused me to wake up.

I had a dream last night about unicycling home from work. I was very nervous about eventually having to dismount - every time I looked down the ground seemed to be slightly further away.

It was only when I woke up (after having dismounted by riding to a high cupboard and climbing down from it) that I realised I’d ended up riding a 12’ giraffe.

In my younger days , I used to have this reoccurring dream about Raquel Welch. but I can’t remember if it involved a unicycle…