Weird Unicycle Contraption

Not sure if this has already been posted, apologies if it has, i haven’t been on the forum recently.

Someone just sent me this link:

Anyone seen/tried one of these?

Presumably they’re meant for schools or clubs - that design allows for a much wider range of seat height adjustment than a normal frame because the bottom of the seat post doesn’t hit the tyre. I can’t see any point otherwise.


I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something seems strange.
Looking at the picture, as you raise the seat post, the seat moves back. It’s no longer over the axle.
But when you ride it, you’ll naturally center the seat over the axle.
This rotates the frame forward. And wouldn’t that lower the seat?
And the angle of the seat would need to be adjusted along with the post length.

Maybe I’m over analyzing.


I agree it’s strange!
The effective amount you would raise the seat would be a lot less than the amount you move the seat post. The actual seat height should be the distance from seat to axle. Somebody with mean math skills could probably measure the angle of the seatpost and figure out the ratio between seatpost length and functional seat height.
To use this as a learner, the end of the seatpost would constantly get banged into the ground, which would deform that tubing. So you ultimately wouldn’t really be able to use the full length of the seatpost anyhow.

iv ridden one of these, and it feels like a normal uni with the seat right down, and right up :smiley: the seat can go far lower and higher than a normal uni so yea very versatile

i agree. the highest height would be the most uncomfortable. :stuck_out_tongue: sold these unicycles for a short time. I have one and its just like a normal unicycle to ride. There is a plastic cap on the end of the seapost, so it doesn’t get beaten up as much as I would have thought. I’ve been using my as a demo/workshop unicycle for about a year now and its still going fine and has a full range of seat height adjustability.

I would be tempted to turn the seat around and ride this thing “backwards” It seems to me like a rear facing frame would be more knee friendly.

+1, and you could Wheel Walk on it too!:stuck_out_tongue:

This uni is really strange, I think if you use it in school it is really good, if it’s just for learning how to ride…

I too have ridden one of these they are awesome, the seat can go as low and as high as the seat post will let it, as Tony said UDC nz use to sell them for a short time…

UDC NZ had one on their sales table at Unicon, but I never got the chance to talk to the sellers about the product. A brilliantly simple design approach to the idea of making one unicycle fit a wide range of people! So why does UDC NZ no longer carry them?

Yes, and allow for wheel walking, and make you look more like a bird! :slight_smile:

As the effective frame angle changes, yes, the effective seat height would change. But that’s no big deal, you would adjust it until comfortable like any other unicycle.

However you would appear to be right about the seat angle changing. I can’t tell if there’s an adjustment for that built in…

They are made for beginner unicyclists, you can put the seat very low and very high.

Because they took for ever to sale, and we only got a small amount of them in.