weird uni

after my incredible skills of deduction, i think the cranks and/or hub are moving slightly between the forks. eg. the wheel can move slightly side to side and a tiny bit up and down. i cant feel it move but it makes a sound. i thought it was my seatpost from crankflips but i dont think so. any tips on how to fix would be nice.

tighten up your bearing clamps?

Yep, most likely one bearing clamp got loose.

Agreed Give em a little twist and tighten eme up…Also what kind of cranks do you have…if they are a pinch bolt design your crank may be a bit loose on your axel…it happens to me sometimes.

hes got an 07 kh ISIS.

Ok then…Its not your cranks coming loose from the axel:D

clicking sound

My new KH 24 started making a clicking sound after a couple hours of riding. I tightened the cranks slightly and that fixed it. It made the tic in the same place each revolution. There was no noticable play