weird tire problem

Sometimes the bead of my tire comes out a little, and I have to let all the air out, put it back on, and refill it. I’ve got the 20" Monty. Its happening close to where I’m landing from drops. I assume its bad landing tecnique thats causing the problem, but I didn’t think I was that bad. They’re only 2 foot drops or less.
Has anybody else had this problem or could suggest some solution. I was thinking it might just be a weird spot on the tire and rotating the tire might solve the problem.
Help me quick because the people I borrow tire pumps from are getting annoyed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps your tyre is too soft, in which case it is deforming too much when you land, allowing the tube to pop out?

Perhaps the tyre is too wide for the rim?

Perhaps the rim section isn’t deep enough to cope with what you’re throwing at it.

Perhaps the tube is a size too big for the tyre?

Consider all these options, but most of all, buy your own pump.

yeah, you have to be pretty cheap not to buy your own tube.

try deflating the tire and rebeading the whole thing.
giving the rotation a try wont hurt either.

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err pump not tube. doh!

My Z rim used to do this all the time. The lip was just a bit too small to keep the tyre in considering all the side force. In the end it had to go. Shame… it was a great jumper.

If your tire bead keeps separating at the spot on the wheel of your landing, perhaps you’ve either bent or hurt the rim at that spot. We’ve not had a problem with the tire separating on a steel rim but the plastice rims are famous for not holding on to a tire bead. I did have a problem with my bicycle once though and found that it was an old tire and the tire bead had disintegrated.


I thought the Montys were notorious for this particular defect. I remember riding with Keith Williamson this summer and stopping every so often to deflate his tube and put the tire back on. Every once in a while we were too late and the tube was pinch-flatted. Maybe it was just a run of rims or tires that did this. Does anyone remember? At least remember more thoroughly than I do?

I remember. Keith got the first Yuni 20" monty from John at Keith told me that John told him that they were using the “new” monty tire. Monty was saving resources with a new design of the tire that used less material. I guess the bead was a part that had less material, and Keith was having some trouble. Last I heard, John D. was working on some ideas. This was a concern for me when I bought my 20" Yuni monty setup. I haven’t had this problem at all. Keep in mind, I haven’t done as many drops as I would like, either.

Well I rotated the tire and put a little more air in the tube and it seems to have helped. The rim looks ok to me but I’m no expert. Thanks for the info.

i’ve had heard of this with the onza tyre which is much better made than the original monty.
i ve seen some realy badly made monty tyres