weird time ridng this morning

we had a yard sale at my church and i took my unicycle. ok to the point.

I was riding around with a yard sale sign advertiing. here is the story of weird stuff.
1.almost caused 2 car crashes
2.made abouit 3 or 4 people turn around and follow me down the road
3.had a few people look at me
this is the best one. I had some dude tell me that he has been wanting his soon to see a unicycle for along time and he finnally got to. after that he asked me where i got it and i said off the internet and he said thanks and drove off. i would have let him tried but he was in the car and drove off. I also didn’t have enough time to get his phone 3 or give him mine so that we could talk about unicycling. i think he might get his son one now witch I am glad.

thats about all the weird stuff that happened but i had fun ridinging around talking to people and making them almost crash

Lol, that sucks about the car crashes almost happening, but atleast you convinced some one for unicycles!

I know. my cousin was with me and she started laughing at the cars when the almost crashed

What happened to almost make them crash?

maybe the dude found the website
coincidence ?


No because that person has been riding unicycles for a long time and her son does to, and she has alot of posts!

i was standing there with me unicycle by my side and watch cars go by as my cousin put up a sign. then after that I mounted and went to the next sign to put up a sign on it