Weird Sound

Torker CX 20"

It sounds like it’s flat, or the tube is rubbing on something. I took the tire off to check the tube for leaks (by putting it underwater); I found one, but I think it was from me taking it off badly :frowning:

Anyway, I patched the hole back up, put everything back together, and it’s still making the weird sound.

I’ve had it for something like month and a half (I can pretty much ride it, but I need more practice getting on), and it just started sounding weird last week.

new wheel

get a new wheel

  1. is your tire like empty?
  2. whats the pressure at? on that uni you should probably be using about 30-40psi.

It might not be the tire. Are all the parts tight?

WTF? Why?

you might need to tighten the pedals.

…that would be more of a clicking sound. You should keep everything tight at all times.

Judging by the way that he thinks it’s the tire, it may be the spokes

No, I just filled it up. I don’t know what the pressure is :frowning:

Is it persistant? Could be just the tire rubbing the ground? If this just started occuring try to keep everything tight.

On my bicycle tires, if they have a very small leak that I can’t even hear, they can still go entirely flat overnight. So if your tire isn’t going flat overnight, it’s not a leak that you’re hearing. And if it’s a leak, you’ll hear it whether you’re on it or not.

Does it only happen when you’re riding? Can you tell if it’s worse on one part of the revolution than the other? Do all the spokes seem reasonably tight? Are the bearing blocks snug but not too tight? Does putting a drop of oil in the bearings make any difference? How about a drop or two of oil in the pedals?

It feels more like it’s the tube rather than the tire.

I’m pretty sure it’s not a leak, it just always seems flat… That might just be because I’m fat, but I’m only like 120 lbs. I haven’t noticed a difference on different parts of the tire.