Weird problem with hop twists, smallspins & bigspins

I spin the unicycle clockwise.
I hop twist anti-clockwise.
I hop with left foot back.

Is it possible to spin the unicycle clock-wise and hoptwist anti-clockwise?
Or will I have to learn to hop twist the other way?

What about 360 unispins, any different?

Help is helpful :slight_smile:

EDIT: And what is the hand positioning for hoptwists? Is it one hand on the front of the saddle? Do both hands let go? Do both hands stay on or what?

I spin the unicycle anticlockwise
I hop twist clockwise
I hop with left foot forward

So the exact opposite of you.

I don’t understand your questions though. You have just said this:

but then you say this:

If you are asking if its possible, what are you doing now?

I spin the unicycle anticlockwise
I hop twist clockwise
I hop with left foot forward

I have the same ‘problem’ :smiley:


If you spin the unicycle the opposite direction of your jump, that means you are doing an inward trick. An inward smallspin is where the unicycle does a 180 one way and you do a 180 the other way so you kinda do it like a 360 unispin.

You’ll have to twist the other way. But seriously, it’s not that hard. You should be able to 180 and blind 180 pretty easily. I can 360 my natural way and 270 blind. I don’t really find big spins etc. a problem. I’m like you, I have to twist blind for big spins but I find inward tricks more natural.

Hand postiioning???



It might be helpful to people trying to answer your questions if you actually type what you would like to know rather than this bullshit.

:slight_smile: Well first of I typed “hand positioning?” at school when I was meant to be doing some desigining and the teacher was nearby so if I got caught I would of been in 5hit so I needed to get it done fast.

And I put “???” because I don’t quite know what SkierAlex quite meant by “normal”.

Back to the topic…
When static hoptwisting with no unispin at all, do both hands stay on the saddle in the position when about to 180 unispin, and then you come round with the back hand catching it so your hands end up holding the tip of the saddle?

Any different when adding a 180 unispin or 360 unispin?
And do your hands ever come off the saddle?

Just learn them however you want.Once youve learnt tyhem you can always change hand positioning

The hand positioning is exactly the same as if you were doing a 180 or 360 unispin.

OK thankyou.

yea me to i hop with left foot back idle right foot down

anti-clockwise huh?

is that anything like counterclockwise :roll_eyes: