Weird places you've unicycled?

Just thought it would be fun to see where some people have unicycled that even we might not expect a unicyclist to have ridden.

I always ride in elevators when I’m by myself :smiley:

I always ride on the ferry on the top deck.

in my parents bed…


OH, UNICYCLING! … nevermind

Around my house…

I frequently unicycle around my house…

Good fun hoovering the house on my uni… =P

Oooh and down Mt Snowdon (biggest mountain in england and wales put together =P). :smiley:


through the bike shop :stuck_out_tongue:
in my room
inside a bus
on a boat
off a bridge
under water
ect hehe

Taking out the trash

Places I’ve been paid to unicycle:

  • TV studios
  • All over Bloomingdales in NYC; my favorite was the jewelry department, on my 6'
  • At a supermarket grand opening (I juggled cantaloupes, among other produce)
  • At a college orientation day; imagine trying to entertain people who are waiting in line to pay their tuition... :thinking:


  • On the observation deck (floor 107) at the WTC in 1986
  • Through the Brooklyn Battery and Holland tunnels
  • Through Middle Earth (MUni XC race at Unicon XV)
  • Up and down the Round Tower in Copenhagen (1983)
  • On the Moon
  • (Also from Things not to do): Down sand dunes
  • On the Great Wall of China
  • On a velodrome
  • On a tramploine

Coal mine!

I have never done anything weird on nor off my unicycle and I never will. :wink:

That is one I really did not expect!

On top of an FN tandem Van de Graaff accelerator.

+1 awsome!!!

Glamis sand dunes

peggy’s cove nova scotia :wink:
in the mini mart
in a cave
in a retirement home

I did a mtb race on a golf coarse, and there were still people playing, which made it even weirder.

Edit: This reminded me I once unicycled into the driving range at the same place. I don’t play golf though, and I didn’t try to play while i was on the unicycle

this wins.

i also see an additional unicycle in that pic.

Jaw drop

I agree :astonished: :smiley: :astonished: :p;)

OK stop with the faces now

this wins.

Yup this does win… =). Hands down…


Interesting Riding Places

On a tank. At the time I was not good enough to ride on the gun like a skinny.

In a war not in my country.

In the outskirts of the city of Acre durring a Hizbolah katuysha bombardment.
There were 12 explosions in my vacinity within a half hour period! It was pretty sureal.