Weird non-hernia testicle issue -- any ideas?

I went to the doctor two mornings ago after feeling some discomfort and noticing some swelling. He palpated the affected area but didn’t think I had a hernia. He sent me across the medical suite for an ultrasound. The initial findings pointed to hernia, but then a CT scan yesterday revealed some fibrous growths but NO hernia.

Oddly, however, a lump appeared inside the afflicted testicle that was definitely NOT there the day before. A re-visit to the doctor was inconclusive except that the doctor is now definitely NOT sure of what is going on. He’s now sending me to a urologist next Tuesday (that’s in 4 days). When filling out the referral form for my upcoming appointment, he described my condition as ‘other.’

“Other” is about right. It feels kinda like I’m developing anOTHER testis, sort of a two-in-one deal. More specically, the growth is happening inside. What’s peculiar is how quickly this growth appeared.

Three more notes:

  1. I have to stress that I have no obvious symptoms of anything. No pain, no fever, nothing wrong with blood pressure, etc. Just a little soreness around the growth. In general I’m very healthy and have even lost 25 pounds since Halloween.
  2. I haven’t ridden my uni since I first saw the doctor, but I did ride a Razor scooter for a total of 12 miles over two days.
  3. The doctor is fairly sure it’s not cancer or any other nasty diagnosis.
  4. I had a vasectomy 3 years ago. No one expects the Spanish Inquisition.

Anyone have a similar experience? At this point, there is some money on the possibility of it being a varicocelle (I think that’s the spelling), but the rapid growth makes that a little doubtful.

Hi David;

Yes, the rapid growth is puzzling. I had a vasectomy 16 years ago, and about 2 years ago I had a varicocelle that was uncomfortable, especially when riding. I went to the urologist to have it checked out, It was not serious, and he told me that these are very common w/ vasectomies and that it might flare up now and then. It went away after a week or two and hasn’t really come back, at least not to that degree. Hopefully your condition is something similar. Good luck.

We always suspected you had more balls than the rest of us!

(sorry for making light of it Dave, but the door was wide open. Seriously, get a 2nd & 3rd opinion.)

Hopefully the urologist will be able to be more definite; GPs don’t know about the more rare ailments that can affect the testicles - I had a rather different problem to you, but it similarly baffled my GPs (sent for ultrasound, etc). The urologist (and on a separate occasion the surgical registrar at the hospital), however, seemed to be able to put a name to it, said everything checked out OK and there was nothing major to bother about. I hope your urologist offers similarly comforting news.

Hope it all goes well when you see him in a few days. In the meantime, keep a close eye on things and don’t be shy about going back to the GP if you notice a change or are worried at all by anything (or if the GP isn’t available or it seems urgent the ER may be appropriate).

Try not to stress too much in the meantime - it’s sad you can’t ride your uni but hopefully you’ll be back in the saddle soon!

I had something similar at one point about a year ago, and freaked out. Told a colleague, who said “get it checked out, but don’t freak…testicular cancer is primarily a young man’s disease”. Was glad to be an old fart, and when I saw my doc he said basically the same thing. I forget what he called the thing, but the analogy I recall him using was it was an inside-the-testical “zit”. In other words, it was a blockage of small passageway that fluid should normally flow through, and the lump was an accumulation.

It may be this as well. This isn’t what I had, as I did not need surgery. My doc said it would go away, and it did.

Good luck! Hopefully it’s either nothing or minor, but you are smart to get it aggressively check out.

I’ve had a hydrocele all my life, and it isn’t what you described, David. A hydrocele is external to the testicle and feels a bit like a loose water balloon.

Best to you and keep a close watch.

Dave, I hope all goes well with this. I don’t want to stress you out any more than you probably are but my brother who is 47 found a lump on his testicle about this time last year. Because of the rapid growth of the lump he immediately went to the doctor. The doc didn’t suspect cancer because as tomblackwood said, testicular cancer is a young man’s disease. The urologist went in to do a biopsy and ended up removing the testicle because it was the big “C”. The last year has been pretty brutal for him but treatments are over and he’s on the road to recovery.

You’re in our thoughts and prayers.

No hard feelings. Wait, that’s a different urological issue!

If I didn’t want to put myself up for some ribbing, I wouldn’t have sounded so lighthearted in my original post. No worries. I think humor is the cure to many diseases (or at least it makes the suffering easier!).

As for the advice and comments from the rest of you, THANKS! I had considered some of the other possbilities (including cancer, of course), and it was nice to see some evidence of one or the other. It was also nice to know that others have been there, had that.

In the comments about cancer, it was noted that the growth feels rough. That’s a relief. Mine’s smooth. In fact, it’s like a hard, smooth lozenge, only its a bit odd in shape, I think. It’s squirrely, so I can’t quite get a perfect idea of where or what shape it is. It is INSIDE the sac somewhere, but it’s not inside the testis, which is why I joked that I feel like I’m growing a 3rd nut.

Anyway, I am not overly concerned. As usual, I’m prolly UNDERLY concerned. I was telling my wife today that I’d probably go back to uni’ing on Monday because scootering is such a pain. Maybe I need to take this thing more seriously. What if it’s like Invasion of the Ball Snatchers, and it erupts from my uni’ing and then guys everywhere start growing third balls?

Happily, I can take it easy this weekend and see how (and whether) it progresses. More to follow…

ducttape (the user)

sorry madison couldnt help myself

That was good for a laugh! I’ll have to get a roll today!


I saw the urologist today. The verdict: Apparently I have some weird little floating mass that is non-cancerous and generally non-big-deal. It could be a thrombosis (blot clot) or maybe an appendage that came off of the testicle or epididymis. Anyway, it’s now a blueberry-sized thingy that may disappear or may stay, but it’s not causing any problems or pain.

After a few days of scootering (ugh), I’m back to uni’ing, and it’s been fine. Yay. Thought y’all would like to know.

Glad to hear it turned out okay, these can be scary issues.

Whew! Good news Dave! Wanna race Whiteface with me? :smiley:

Great New’s


I hope to see you at the tomb soon.

Adam, Renie and Ziggy

I really think this thread is reflective of how close knit the unicycle community is. This is obviously a personal issue, yet David was comfortable to put in a thread to expose the situation. Then, some of the responses were equally personal. My hat’s off to all of you who shared.

I have never met David, though I only know him from his posts, but I’m glad things worked out well for him


…testis are a real pain to deal with eh?

They are always getting bumped around until it hurts, they are in the way alot too! You cant even uni without having to re-adjust everytime you sit on the seat.

I hope the doctors find out the problem, and everything clears up for you.

Good news man. I was really glad to read that it’s a benign condition. I had a hydrocele once and i totally freaked out about it. Once I found out what it was I ignored it for a long time. It kept getting bigger, slowly and I finally had it surgically removed.