Weird noises from the cranks area.

Hi All,

I had a UPD today while riding in off-road trail on my QX 36".
Nothing happened to me and I was quite sure the uni is ok, but noises from the cranks made me check it’s ok.

Both cranks became very little loosen up - but really very little.
I couldn’t find allen key in my multi-tool to fit that (bummer), so I continued riding very carefully until I got to a garage near by and there I got the allen key #8 to fit it and it was fixed instantly.

However, a different noise keep coming out of the cranks area.

This uni had a Disc brake mechanism so I checked maybe the brake is touching the spokes or the anything else is twisted - but nothing there to find.

Could you please suggest what I should look for to find the source of this noise?

Thanks a lot,

I think it may depend on what noise you’re hearing and when. The cranks on my Muni were making a clicking/creaking noise when I would mount. I fixed it by putting anti-sieze on my splines. But spokes can pop, bearings can move within their holders, etc.

My 36er will click every time I static mount it if my holders aren’t tight enough. I keep tightening until the sound goes away, and that’s how I know I’ve got it.

This exact thing has happened to me.

My uni’s cranks started making weird noises, and I tightened them. BUT, little did I know I did not tighten them enough. I had my super strong friend tighten them very tight, and it hasn’t made that noise again.

Hi Guys,

Thanks a lot for your comments.
A friend of mine that is very experienced MTB rider checked the wheel and found in like 2 seconds the problem and fixed it.
It was the disc brake - it probably moved a bit and thus in a certain point of the wheel spin there was a light fraction of the disc. Small adjustment and we’re good to go.

However, this friend of mine told me that the spokes need to be tighten.
He recommended that I take it to a bike shop.
What do you think?

I know its apples to oranges,but I have several SE Racing BMX cruisers 24"-29" I bought them all new and the bottom bracket was already installed.
They all click and theyre sealed bearings.
I have one I installed new Redline cranks and it clicks.
I have no clue why. :thinking:

I worked at a bike shop and my dad was a 30 year mechanic so it came with practice. give every nipple a half turn just to start out


Today I was at a local bike workshop and there were several fixes made:

1- Overall spokes maintenance to fix a wheel deviation to the right.
2- Straighten up the disc (brake) - very small adjustment.
3- Finally - and probably something that had to be done a long time ago: shaving off a few microns of the disc brake caliper.
Because eventually, even after the noises were gone when checking the wheel spin, during the ride itself with applying weight over the wheel - 3 spokes did rub softly the caliper.

I even noticed a small rubbing on the caliper from the spokes during the first week of using it.
I found it was very odd and disturbing that the caliper is so close to the spokes ever since the beginning - and now it just got worse.
Has anyone else witnessed this problem in his uni?

is your dbreak straight?

Yes, sure.
That wasn’t the problem at all.