weird noise with Foss tube

I built up a new 36er wheel a few weeks ago and put a Foss tube into it and now there is this really weird noise coming from it. It is kind of like a squeaking or squelshing noise. I’ve checked the spokes, cranks and brake and it doesn’t seem to be coming from them. The noise is at the same point on the wheel rotation each time (as they always are on unis).

The other weird thing is that when it started it would only happen in the afternoon. Its cold in the mornings here at the moment and warm in the afternoon and it seems that it is much more likely to happen when its warm than when its cool…

Has anyone else had a noise like this and do you think it could be from the tube? Since i have tried a lot of things to fix it and its still there it’s starting to drive me crazy. I could put some talc inside the tire and see if that helps?

Sounds weird!

Have you mentioned it to Peter at

Did you read page 3 of the manual?

thanks for that link leo. I didnt know that you needed to do that and I have no idea which way I installed it. Will have a look tonight.

I didn’t know any of that Foss info. I feel like I should know.

So far, I’ve been able to find very little information about the Foss brand, where the name comes from, etc. I would like to know the source!

Really? Joking or serious?
I always thought that you had something to do with Foss tubes. :thinking:


I guess that’s not surprising. Maybe it’s some kind of a joke. Or someone using my name without my permission or something (no royalties!). :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually I think not. It’s an excellent product, good for bikes, which means their market is potentially huge. I just did another search and found a company web site. Pretty sparse, but it does offer actual contact info. They are based in Taichung City,Taiwan and the contact person is listed as (Mrs.) FOSS. The name is always spelled in all-caps.

My name, which is Scandinavian for Waterfall (falls), only dates back to 1890 when my great-grandfather came to New York and changed his last name from Gundersen to Foss, as a way for other Norwegians from his part of that country to find each other. His brothers didn’t go along with the idea, however, and remained Gundersen.

In other words, no relation. :slight_smile:

I was hunting on latex tires, I know I’ve seen at least two Dutch and two French companies producing them early 90’ies. But as nobody was willing to make 20" I ended at Foss. So before buying I was highly interested in the whitepapers. I have to say they feel great, but are kind of fragile, and certainly porous.
I abuse them in double-layer rims that have hidden trial holes - not recommended!
Mounting them without any friction or play, well spread in it’s own shape is a must, and using them twice is not so good.
On my 1st one I didn’t use the supplied “gasket”, and that was suddenly fatal.
So yes, the manual contains useful info.
Also I still wonder if there’s many manufacturer errors at the weld. But so far so good.

Despite they’re not called VANDEWOESTIJNE (I guess that didn’t fit too well on the valve) I still tried to become importer of them, as I think it’s a good product. But they demanded very ridiculous conditions, while they already had an importer contracted (which they denied).
As overbidding competition on already impossible numbers is a common trap that’s no good for anyone, I decided I didn’t pursue.
But freestylers looking for 20 x 1.35-1.75… I can supply from own stock.

I though the exact same, but in reality; the extra time it takes to explain the benefits of this product makes is a very costs intensive product. Include potential buyers that in the end don’t buy. And mind the costs of death capital on stock.
I talked with two importers, one who does carry the brand, and one who considered it long ago, and -to my amazing- nobody is really that enthousiast, as also they have to invest in putting the product into the market.
So (in the traditional chain) selling quality is not important to the box-movers that deliver to end-users :frowning:

I recently removed a Foss tube that had been installed successfully in a Nightrider tyre for some time. When I deflated to remove the tube it had 'stretched, larger than original size. The tube also seemed thinner (because of the stretching) Point is, I found it too difficult to put it back in as it had stretched so large it was difficult to ‘bed’ it down in the tyre. It was basically too big :thinking:

The photos show how a new tube (top in the photos) looked compared to the used tube. With just enough air in each tube to remove creases the old tube is bigger. Also you can see how the ‘plastic’ of the old tube had taken up the texture of the inside of the tyre carcass.

Maybe this stretching is usual on inner tubes.



How hot did the unis get? How long were they in the uni?

An inner tube with a 6.5 megabyte 16 page operator’s manual?

I just put my Foss tube in my 36 the obvious way and it worked wonderfully.