Weird Commute

I Coker commuted all week. There are two very steep, short hills on my way home. Years ago, when I tried them the first time, I biffed the first one and made the second one. The second time I ever tried them, I made the first one but biffed the second one. I have never missed either hill since in four years of commuting. In fact, I ride both hills with no hands on the saddle now.

Today I biffed two thirds of the way up hill number one. As I walked the rest of the way up the hill (I didn’t want to biff a steep, uphill dismount, too) I got to the top and did an easy rolling jump mount. Right after that, I saw Irene on campus going the opposite way on her Coker. Think of how weird that looked to people. Fortunately Irene didn’t see me walking up the hill.

With my new wheel I have been riding curbs at speed on my commute when a good, long stretch appears. I see how far I can ride a curb at 10mph on a Coker. Today, I got a bit frisky and took a faster approach to a curb cut. I launched and biffed it. I took it on the hands and feet with a no slide landing and saved my knees. I got no rash or scratches on my hands.

Later on, I came up to hill number two telling myself, “I’m not biffing this one,” as I started my no hands climb. As I approached the top, I had to grab the handle and I was all over the road but I stayed up. It must have been all those broken unicycle parts I was packing home to photograph this evening that altered my balance. That or I SUCK!!

i think you are just getting to old harper;)


Gotten, not getting. I’m already there…and beyond.

Re: Weird Commute

Hey, don’t go jumping to any hasty conclusions now. I think an independent audit is called for. Let’s coker this weekend, and JC, Irene, and I can evaluate your riding and let you know if it’s true. Since Irene’s actually a Certified Evaluator, we’ll give her two votes to our one as long as she agrees with us.

Greg, you don’t suck and you’re certainly not old. I think I know what happened to you on that commute though. It must’ve been a sequence of unfortunately timed small bursts of extra gravity that got you. Glad you handled the last one.

I had a burst of gravity last week preparing for the trip to Toronto. Got the KH29 all setup and went to take it for a test ride. Stepped on and was immediately on my back on the ground, dripping blood from my shin. The sad part was that Beau saw it and laughed uncontrollably hard. He said the funniest thing was how little time I was on the uni (something under a millisecond). At least it was only one burst of gravity though, not like your series. I found they’re more likely to occur when you’ve wearing wet sandals in the rain at night not thinking about what you’re doing.

Have fun,


‘Burst of gravity’?
Is this some new Newton’s theory that I don’t know about?
I thought gravity was constant.

I think if you hold Beau underwater for 20 minutes or so it cures the uncontrollable laughter part. I’ll never forget him doing that stunt on the Northshore trails that the rest of us wouldn’t do and you scowling and saying, “I was hoping he would be over twelve when he got better than me.”

Re: gravity

No. Undulating gravity wells exist in the vicinity of unicyclists everywhere. They are particularly active when a rider is wearing no protective gear whatsoever and is trying something “simple.”

>No. Undulating gravity wells exist in the vicinity of unicyclists >everywhere. They are particularly active when a rider is wearing >no protective gear whatsoever and is trying something “simple.”

Or when there is a witness whom you’d rather not have see you screw up…