Weird Coker Experience

the other day, I was riding my Coker to the bike store. I took a shortcut behind my neighbor’s house, technically it’s no one’s property, there’s a FOR SALE sign there. anyway, it’s all unlandscaped and everything, real bumpy and stuff. at the end, there’s a slight drop, about eight or nine inches? or so. So I got to the end, went off the drop, and my Coker twisted and made a weird popping noise then twisted forwards again, and I’m not positive, but it felt like the wheel actually tacoed slightly then popped back into shape. needless to say, it was the weirdest feeling ever. has this ever happened to anyone, and is it likely that my wheel actually did taco, or did something else happen?


Yeah that happens to me some times. Not so much after the new super wide hub though and my expert wheel building.

If you dont have the super wide hub I recamend it it really strengthens the whole wheel. A good wheel build helps too.

That happened to Brian MacKenzie awhile ago, in his pre-Airfoil days. The video is quite good, you see the wheel taco, then spring back into shape. Here’s the link. ‘A Log Bridge Too Far’ is the one.

that looks like about what happened to me. it was weeiird. I think I might buy the Coker wheelset on unicycledotcom, with the super wide hub and the airfoil rim. except that I have no money…

Yeah james that exact thing happened to me. Cept it was my crappy 28" Sun i could have sworn that the spokes hit my leg then went back into place but they didnt go back in perfectly and thats why my tire is worbly and crooked…


Same here. Remember, your wheel popped ALMOST back into place. It needs to be carefully retrued. The steel rims are weak to begin with and the stock hubs are too narrow so if the spokes are over-tensioned or under-tensioned it will have a tendency to taco. Now it has been stressed in a very unbalanced way and is even less uniform. Retrue the wheel and treat it with care until you get a replacement.

I tacoed mine hopping up stairs and riding down them. I did the emergency quick fix and won’t even ride off a curb until I get a replacement. Then I will abuse it.

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> spyder wrote:
>> *That happened to Brian MacKenzie awhile ago, in his pre-Airfoil days.
>> The video is quite good, you see the wheel taco, then spring back into
>> shape. ‘Here’s the link.’
>> ( ‘A Log Bridge Too
>> Far’ is the one. *

Wow! that was quite a bend in the wheel, shame as it really looked like
he was having so much fun up until then.
Really illustrates how susceptible a coker can be.


I heard of a particular Steel rim Coker virtually folding in half and then flipping back into shape at Unicon 12 :stuck_out_tongue:

that video is awesome… Also, it makes me want a coker, which is not necessarily a good thing.

(I’m poor now after my MUni purchase.)

Same here…more junk to spend my hard earned money on.:frowning:

I rode the Coker wheel out of the woods that day, and it was fine. It required very little tensioning and I rode it rough for several more months before turning it into the UW36 I have grown to love.

It may not have sprung back to brand new, but it certainly sprung back to ‘good enough’

I Think Somthing like that happens to Jeff Groves in U2.
Right after hes gapping those rocks,right before it swichtes to him dropping to the picinc table.Ive watched it like 20 times,and im still not sure.

Hes on a trials uni though,of course.

Ahh, it’s nice to also be an amateur optician. I know what you’re talking about, it also appears to happen in Kris’s section when he’s hopping on the tops of some logs. What it actually is is Dan Heaton likes to use a fisheye lens, which has extreme distortion at the edge of the field. Straight lines curve, which is what you are seeing there. A decently built trials wheel is far too strong to do that in real life, at least due to as little stress as he was putting on it there.

Haha.:o I wondered…

After i posted that i began to really doubt it…

Would you really call a Coker junk? I HOPE NOT!

Oh no no no.Its just that i want to buy everything…so much to buy,so little money.

Maybe sombody could give me a coker…