Weird arch thing

I find when I ride, I constantly have to ride as if I’m turning slightly to the left just to go straight. If I ride normal I arch to the right. So, has anyone else had this problem? Is it something I’m doing or is it the unicycle its-self? Thanks for the help

If you are relatively new to unicycling, it could be you. I found that when I first started riding, I constantly veered towards the direction of my more dominant foot. I also have a Yuni MUni that definately pulls to the right. I can ride my other MUni and not experience this problem and I don’t veer off center on my Coker or 28’r either. The easiest way to tell if it is you or the uni is to rotate the saddle 180 degrees and ride it to see if it veers to the other direction. After doing this procedure, be sure to rotate your saddle back to the proper position to keep the pedals from coming loose.

not exactly sure of the reason for it, but even seasoned riders experience it. Joel from sarnia has the same problem. the only time you really notice it is after riding somebody elses or when you think about it, so:

A. don’t ride others unicycles

that’s the only solution I have. hope it helps.

all i can say is to make sure the seat is 100% straight. try to face your shoulders towards your destination



i have experienced this problem. just keep riding. you will eventually minimize it happening. you are not alone.


what i did when i was new to riding and i veered a direction i held both of my arms behind my body. if u ride around like that it will fix that problem up fast. i might sem hard at first but it helps!! thx


While I was learning to ride a uni again, I thought the arch thing was due to the crown of the road. Now that I’m better at it, (rode 2 miles today), I don’t notice the arch thing.

I have the same problem…always turning to the left. when I stop balancing to the right unicycle is turning left :frowning: and I saw that I am keeping the right foot very close to the hub and the left far away :slight_smile: strange maybe I have different legs :slight_smile:

I tried many of the suggestions above, however, what worked for me was simply increasing the tire pressure. I had the most trouble on crowned surfaces like highways.

The other thing that helped was learning to pedal with my right foot. Seems like I did all of my acceleration in my left and braking in my right. I am still that way somewhat . . . . especially when going down slopes.

I find a similar thing - I’ve been practicing the 3-metre diameter figure of 8 for “level 2” and I find it much easier to turn right than left. I wonder if it can be to do with natural bias in the body (nobody’s body is completely symmetrical, and is bound to be slightly “off-balance” to one side or the other). I only really notice it when I’m trying to turn tightly. Oddly, on a bike I feel much more confident taking tight LEFT bends (the opposite of when I’m on the uni).


I had the same problem on my Nimbus26. I swore it was the uni. I let another rider try it (Eric) and it checked out fine for him. I just kept riding it and things got better.

Re: Weird arch thing

Sometimes I just have to lean to the side opposite the way the uni
wants to turn. It’s more elegant than twisting one’s body and
flailing one’s arms.


a"bandaide" is to hold onto the handle with one hand when you ride. You will figure out which hand works better for this. It subtly alters the balance and can help. It worked for me.

Also, check the alignment of your wheel. It should be directly in the middle of the two fork blades. If that is off, you can cut a shim from a soda can and insert it on top of the bearing of the side that has the fork blade that is the farthest away from the tire. Doing this will center the wheel back to the middle. Sometimes this can take 4 - 5 shims stacked on one another.

Hey guys, thanks for the suggestions-I’m going out right now to try some of them and see what works! Thanks for the help