How do weights of KH unis compare to Nimbus? and if possible i want to know weights of individual peices?

Also me and my dad are arguing the value of a KHxQuality vs the NimbusxQuality
(is the KH worth its value)


Welcome Xyphota! If you create a thread, please use your actual question as the thread title. I thought you were asking about weight lifting, ankle weights, etc.

The KH is worth its value, in as far as that is kind of a nonsensical statement. Value is in the eye of the beholder. If your main concern is budget, the KH may not seem “worth it” enough but if you want the edge in performance, the value is there. Both brands are great though, and both designed by highly skilled members of the unicycling community so take your pick, you’ll be good either way. :slight_smile:

Wait a minute!

I thought beauty was in the eye of the beholder?


I have both a Nimbus 24 and a KH 24. I prefer the KH and it’s not about the edge in my performance. I’m not experienced enough to have an edge. Anyway, I think the KH just feels better while riding up dirt. I can’t put my finger on why though. It is somewhat lighter but not hugely. They have the same tire. Maybe it’s psychological. I just wish there were color choices other than blue. Can’t help you with individual weights. Maybe you could get that from UDC.

I like my KH trials a lot more than I like my Nimbus MUni, but not as much as my semi-kh-nimbus-miyata-homemade-duct-tape-and-spray-paint-freestyle unicycle.

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” doesn’t really apply here, so “Value is in the eye of the beholder,” is as good a way of putting it as any other.

Everyone has different priorities. My bike doesn’t have back breaks or a seat, but all of my unicycles are in perfect working order.

You are mostly paying for the frame

You should like blue LOL. The KH alum frame is top notch, and about a lb lighter then the also strong chromoly steel Nimbus.

After that, the differences aren’t so much. Especially as Nimbus buyers often get the cool KH cranks and seat as an upgrade when they buy.

There seems to be a widespread view that the KH’s are lighter than Nimbus.

But, in fact, the KH’s tend to be slightly heavier.

On unicycle.co.uk-

24" nimbus is listed as 6.7 kg and the KH is 6.9 kg


29" nimbus is 6 kg and 29" KH is 6.45 kg

The KH may have a lighter aluminium frame, but it’s obviously got extra weight elsewhere.

The KH is a beautiful machine- I’ve got a KH 29 myself, but I’m always seeing posts saying that KH’s are lighter than Nimbus’s, and, it’s just not true.