weights of Uni parts

Rocco Marco and me collect a List of Uni parts with their wheights. Some are weighted by ourself, some have stell the official weight from some shops.
We thought that the list could be usefull for some of you and we also hope that you can help to complete it. We will update it time by time when you post some additional products and wheights.

Gewichte Uniparts.pdf (16.9 KB)

Very good list! I will look at this for all my future purchases.

That’s a really cool list, it stills missing some parts but it’s almost complete. Will you add they other parts missing eventualy?

Cool, I wish I had an accurate scale to weigh my uni.

you can add my eb frames. though the weight varies. 20" with 300mm neck is 480g without bearing holders. 520 with bearing holders. i dont know which weights you are using.

Thanks for comments and thanks for adding the first additional frame. We list frames always complete (with bearing holders and screws) cause its difficult to use them without :smiley:
For sure I will add the EB frame
Would be more easy for the future when all of you could mark new weights in Bold writing to find it more easy.

I was woundering what ausgefräst means, is Schrauben bearings.

ups sorry, we germans did it :smiley: It means “mashined out from the back”


Schrauben means screws.


Just post what is missing and we will add it to the list :wink:

19" Triton frame - 520g
29" Triton frame - 610g


V!Z 19" Trials Rim(46mm)-482g

update 1

Thanks for the additional weights, I use them and some from german board and update the list. I also change all to english now and improve a bit the way of sorting. Keep on weighting your parts and list them to make it complete sometime.

Gewichte Uniparts.pdf (17.9 KB)

update 2

Faster as I thought i had to do update 2 :smiley: I did two bugs so this is the fixed version, sorry for that.

Update 2:

Gewichte Uniparts.pdf (17.9 KB)

wouldnt this list better be done as a collaborative page anyone can edit wiki style?

It’s not that much parts missing now and we still have some nice plans what we want to do with it in the future. So I think no need for a wiki thing. Needs 5 min to update it and I can think about if the riders informations sounds realistic. In a online thing everybody can wrote what he like.

Handy List. :slight_smile:

How about making a searchable database, where you can add all the parts you are planing to buy and a feature where you can calculate total weight? I would love to have something like that! I could probably make a tool like that, but it’s hard to find time to actually do it.

Nimbus Ventures ISIS Cranks
380g for a pair of 125’s
430g for a pair of 152’s
Wieghts are according to UDC NZ http://www.unicycle.co.nz/View.php?action=ProductDetail&Code=CranksNimbusVentureISIS

Thats what we plan to do :wink: