weight training . . .

. . . no, not lifting. I got this idea after my last post about using your arms
while wheel walking. I went back to the garage and picked up a five pound
weight in each hand, thumb through the hole. I guess I shouldn’t be amazed,
but it the stabilizing effect is dramatic. It didn’t really help with wheel
walking, it threw me of too much front to back - but for other riding, it’s
kind of neat.

Then, I thought I’d try a weight in only one hand, just for fun. I never could
idle too well with my left foot down, I just felt too unstable, and I always
leaned to the left. I put the weight in my left hand and tried idling with my
left foot down. The weight causes me to counterbalance with my body, and I
believe I could idle all day with my left foot down (if my arm doesn’t get too
tired :slight_smile: I think “training with weight” shows some promise for developing my
weak side skills.

Using 2 1/2 pound weights doesn't have as much effect as the 5 pounders,

but you might use it a a training techique to get used to riding with your
arms out, palms down, and fingers together, as required for standard skills.

I’m going back to the garage to experiment some more . . .

                                                              Don Christman