Weight TA Tire

Know one will post weight

Coker Tire.jpg

That’s odd, I just weighed in my un-used Coker tire. It came in at 3 pounds 13 ounces (1729 grams).

Hmmm…my used coker tire on a new postage scale is 1970 grams, 4.3 lbs.

Maybe your lightweight coker tire was made at the end of the particular production run when there was less rubber to inject into the mold.

I have another TA tire on its way, I’ll weigh it and post the result when I get it.
Should be interesting and hopefully will kill this issue, which has appeared in several threads.

My unused Coker tire weighs in at 3lbs 15 oz.

Bump to the present…my brand new TA tire weighs 1828g, 4.02 lbs.
Given the discrepancies in Coker tires, anyone else got a figure for the TA?

Roger Davies has helpfully tabulated the weights of many common unicycle tyres here.

Coker = 1960g
Wheel TA = 2060g