weight on seat problem

Help me! I am a problem keeping my weight on the seat. When I ride the uni my legs muscles tense up, producung a “herky-jerky” motion on the pedals so naturally I fall off. My legs are exhausted. For some bizarre reason I keep very little weight on the seat. I am 5’11" weigh 230 lbs and learning on a 20" sun uni. I also have a sun 24" uni.

I don’t know if it’ll work, but you could try putting the seat up a bit so your legs are more outstretched and you’re less inclined to put weight on the pedals.

You could also try to practice just sitting still on the unicycle as if it were a seat, holding onto a rail or something. Then try and move the pedals a bit, forwards and backwards to get used to it, keeping your back upright and weight on the saddle.

If I confused you (as I know I confused myself), just prasctice. You willget it eventually if you persevere and practice.

I wrote similar advices in this thread, but gave you can find something useful there.

I would say just keep practicing. It’s something that just comes with practice.

I had the same problem when I started (and still do, some). How long have you been riding?

I’ve been riding (well, learning to ride) for about a month and a half and am just now at the point where I’m able to ride comfortably for several minutes at a time. I still do tense up pretty regularly, but I’m getting better at letting my weight down as I cruise and feeling a much lighter touch on the pedals. But still I forget and tense up again.

I also had the tense leg thing, but it has gotten much better for me after about a month of practicing for a few minutes almost every day. Maybe this is a combination of building leg strength as well as learning to relax more weight on the seat.

But as I relax weight onto the seat, it seems that the balance changes a slight amount, making the “weight-down balance” a new thing to get used to, but it slowly does seem to be coming to me after enough time on the thing.

Raising the seat seemed to help. Funny thing, though - with the seat really low, I was able to freemount maybe one try out of five, but with the seat high, I cruise better but my efforts at freemounting fail miserably every single time.

I suspect there’s nothing special to do for this except practice, like so many people say.


Raising the seat as you suggest is a good idea. I’m also wondering if the Sun seat is part of the problem. This past year I’ve tried a Savage, Sun, Torker, and KH seat. The Savage was the MOST uncomfortable but the Sun is so difficult for me to use. I have absolutely no control so the only way I can ride it is to put weight on the pedals.

Savage seats and Sun seats… if these were the only choices, I don’t think I would have stuck with unicycling this time.

Thats weird, you should be riding the sun seat just fine. I can. The sun seat is actually really good for SIF. Sun also makes seats like the DX/old KH, so they arent too bad.

Having been there, I say for you lower your seat and nail the free mount thing it will also let you to move your hips better as you know unicycling has a lot to do with the hips.

Also, Yes, Practice is key! As you more time in the saddle, the your contention level drops and as you relax you will put your weight in the seat.

You prob have the seat too low, so raise it an inch and try that for a while. When I was learning I just constantly reminded myself to put most of my weight on the seat and very light pressure on the pedals.

A tall seat hight will make it harder to mount. I’d keep practicing until you can ride around your neighborhood for an hour w/o breaks, lots of UPD’s, or getting exhausted, using street signs and cars for mounting. When you can do this lower your seat to an ideal height for freemounting, now it should be much easier for you to keep your weight in the saddle.

Don’t worry if it takes you a long time to freemount. Do to some paralysis, I still can’t. I haven’t let that keep me from doing some fairly technical Muni. I did 9.5 miles on Saturday.