Weight on saddle for Muni

Most of us know that our weight is supposed to be mostly on the saddle while we ride. But what about when riding Muni on rocky terrain. Do you still ride with most of your weight on the saddle, or do you transfer more weight to your legs to help absorb the bumps while riding over rocks and roots?

for riding over bomps you don’t sit down much on the seat. that hurts.

i almost stand especially when going downhill. i do put some weight on the handle though on the flats.

Generally my seat is significantly lower (1-2") for MUni, thus it’s much more difficult to put weight on the seat. I’ll try to keep weight on the seat when I’m trying to keep my heart rate down (for example, on a flat section of an uphill pitch), but in general there’s a lot more consistent weight on the handle than on the saddle.

I try to keep as much weight on the saddle as possible, but on bumpy terrain and in other situations that may not be possible. Then you end up sitting very lightly or not at all on the saddle.

I like my foam on air pillow muni seat because the air gives the seat more suspension. It makes it easier to sit because the air pillow will take some of the bumps. You don’t get that effect with an all foam seat.

The more you can sit in the saddle the less effort it takes on your part to ride. Being able to sit more means that you can go on longer muni rides.

My challenge now is to spend as much time as possible sitting while climbing rather than standing. A logging road climb that I use to have to stand most of the way I can now do sitting most of the way. My climbing is faster and I’m less tired when I get to the top. Learning to sit has advantages.