weight of Profile Hub w 145mm cranks


I searched trying to find the weight of the Profile hub with 145 cranks including bearings and couldn’t find it.

Anyone know exactly?

Also, any significant weight savings over the 2005 kh crankset? Uni.com UK shows 140mm cranks w/ bearings and kh hub at 1200 grams or 2.65 lbs.


I know this does not exactly answer your question in full, but it will help. We have a specification sheet for all the hubs with weights etc.


The only figures that are not accuate are the ones for the profiles as we do not stock them.


Thanks Roger,

For future reference to anyone searching for this info, I called Uni.com and asked them to weigh the profile hub with bearings, end nuts and 145mm cranks.

Weight = 2.75 lbs or 2 lbs 12 oz. or 1247 grams