Weight of Mad4one trial machine?

Anyone has a trial machine? I just got mine, but it’s heavier than I expected. It’s claimed 3990g on the web page, but mine with 30cm seat post is 4510g.

I think they used to call it something else, but I’ve got one and by and large, I like it. I’ve also got a 24" M41 techno muni however and that is what I do the most practice on

Is yours same as this one?

When did you get it? Have you weighed it?

Hi @Syoten,

Careful that the given weight is for a very specific set of parts:

I would say that the pedals you installed should account for at least half of the weight difference you measured.
Then between your scale marging of error and maybe a part or two slightly different from the reference and you get you 500g/1lb of discrepancy.

Anyway, nice uni that will enable you to do things as crazy as you will dare :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks. The trial machine actually is already a specific set.
I think when I order my trial machine. The given weight is total weight of my set including pedals as the screenshot below. Anyway, I think it was a mistake. Marco just told me that the weight is for 20cm seat post and pedals not included.

Typical customer fooling, the main thing is that you shine with great technical information. If you look at the page, there are many inconsistencies and information that cannot be correct. Sometimes you don’t really know what you’re getting. Some of the items shown in the photos are completely different. I’m always amazed at how uncritical people are about certain brands. Everything is good and mistakes are not bad. This is almost similar to the behavior of cult members

I’ve always found Mad4One’s website super weird and unexpectedly tedious to navigate (it feels very web 1.0 in places), so I’ve never really spent enough time on it to notice inconsistencies, but they’re not alone with such oddities.

UDC and Qu-Ax have had numerous inconsistencies on their pages previously too, and I’ve also received unicycles weighing in at rather more than the product pages suggested they should be.

For me it’s not certain brands though. I could be critical about certain aspects of every major unicycle brand I can think of, but I’m not really sure what it would achieve.