weight of frame on 06 dx

so i know dx’s are imensly heavy. what if i swaped out the fork and put a cf base? would it be reasonalbe weight? how much does the frame fork weigh?

i’d say just get over it, wieght weenie. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
If you got used to it you wouldn’t NEED a CF base.

well someone the other day said they took their KH frame off their uni and it practically weighed nothing… well this frame weighs more than that…basically all i can tell you


I own both a 20" dx, and a 24" KH if I were to hold the DX frame by the neck I would feel an obvious weight pulling my wrist down, which I would have to fight with moderation to keep my hand parralel with my arm.

if I were to do the same with my 24" KH frame, I wouldn’t feel as if I had to exert really any strength to keep my hand in position. Honestly I doubt the kh 24, and 20 have much of a weight diffrence either, its already so light, I doubt taking a few inches of metal off would make any diffrence.

And just for the record my 24x3" kh muni weighs just as much as my 20x2.125 DX Aluminum really makes the diffrence.

4 replies and nobody has said “just get a KH” yet? wow. Let’s make an acronym for it: JGKH


actually… CRY ME A RIVER… what you cant lift 15 pounds ? or you cant hop over 30" and thats ur uni’s fault right ?.. dont get a kh… stick with ur torker u bought it already cant rlly return it… well unless ur rich and ahve another 500$ to put on a uni…stick with ur torker

im not talking about getting a new uni, and i already have a cf base.but new frames are quick and easy and cheep fixes for weight.i jsut wann know how much of a difrece id make if i switch it out with like a nimbus frame

you could drill holes in ur frame…

I don’t know about the frame but get some plastic pedals they really help with wieght.

Well there is allways leaving hte original stuff on it, and just using it as heavy, then you get stronger and it seems lighter…plus the girls will like you and your new muscles :wink:

i have the same uni and it is super heavy. I cant hop as high as i could
(thats what push ups are for)
do 100 push ups every morning and night and you will get better.now i can hop higher on my heavier unicycle than on my lighter one.
which i never ride anymore

even know a lighter uni will make you a little better. over time a heavier one will make you even better! so i say stick with the original, wear the crap out of it and save up for a completely new, light, KH or something like that. than you will be even better!

Exactly. Just ride your new one and don’t worry about the weight. My 20" Nimbus was heavier than my 20" Sun, but then I adjusted and got better on the 20" Nimbus. Then my 24" Onza was way heavier than my 20" Nimbus, but after a few days I could hop higher on my 24" Onza. Just give it a couple days and you will love the heavier uni.