Weight of a nimbus round crown trial frame 20"?

Does anyone know the weight of this frame?
And can you use it on a trials wheelset?

I am not sure, although I will hopefully have it at Xmas so I will weigh it for you

Oh, and you can fit a trials wheelset in. Apparently you can fit an ISIS hub on it, and some people on the forums have, so I personally am going to take the risk…

Yea it works fine

Ok that’s cool, I’m almost certain that I’m gonna get it:D

The weight of the frame is 750g w/o the bearing cups and bolts. 875g w/bearing cups and bolts. It was at the bottom of the paragraph describing the frame on the link.


I also have a round crown on my Isis wheelset and have had no problems with it.

Ah they have just updated the site: This frame has clearance to fit 20x2.5" tyre. Does not come with seatpost clamp. Weighs 750g (875g with bearing cups and bolts).

EDIT: woops, didn’t see that someone has posted it.

It says clearence for a 20x2.5 tyre, does that mean the monty tyre will not fit since it is 20x2.6? because I have already purchased the Monty Eagle Claw

What are both the nimbus 2 frames and the round crown frame made out of?

I just looked at my uni and it looked like it might fit, not sure though.

Steel :sunglasses:

If you want to be sure about the bearings fitting correctly, you could try to get a hold of a Torker DX wheelset since they have 40mm bearings, although you then run into the problem of using nonstandard parts.

Oh, I don’t need to worry, It does fit an ISIS hub

I put my nimbus 2 frame on my dx wheelset, but i had to change the bearings.
Dx come with 40 as the nimbus needs 42.

I hate to be really fussy, but I would like to know since I need to send it back (if it does not fit) before the refund of 30 days

It only has a little over a quarter of an inch on each side of my Creepy Crawler, so I don’t think it will fit.

damn… okay, I will just have to wait and find out. You never know…
If not, expect to see a monty eagle claw on here after christmas!

i was trying to find the specs on the monty eagle claw…i think mine is a 2.5, do they come in different widths?? i’m fairly certain mine is a 2.5, and it’s probably at least a quarter inch narrower than my luna 2.5. if this is an indicator of monty sizing, you should be fine.

It says the eagle claw is 2.6 and a slightly higher profile than normal trials tyres