Weight loss screwing up my unicycling

I lost a bunch of weight really quickly, due to a stressful event, and because of said stressful event, I didn’t get out unicycling for several weeks. Previously having been able to handle fairly easy mountain bike trails, suddenly I can’t even manage a flat road. At first I thought I had somehow damaged my unicycle, because I was listing badly to one side, and having to use most of my body shifted to the other side to balance it. But then I tried a different unicycle, same problem. Super weird, I suspect I will quickly learn to compensate again, but I kind of sucks to be back near square one again. Anybody else find a change in weight impacted their balance significantly?

Loosing weight made long distance rides a lot more comfortable for me. Other than that I didn’t notice any changes.

I have neither lost or gained more then 3 kg since I was 18 years old, so I don’t know of the effects of weight loss.

But stress, and being in a bad headspace can impact my riding massively. I absolutely suck at riding when I can’t clear my head and focus. Things that are normally easy will become hard, just because I continously make small mistakes. I’ve learned to accept that as being normal and not push too hard through that, since pushing through just doesn’t work for me, instead I just try to take those rides easy.

Aside from several weeks of the uni never being great for ones riding ability, it sounds to me like you may have developed a general posture problem, that impacts you on the uni. Stress will do that, and some stretching/yoga/relaxation techniques may help.


I’ve not suffered due to weight change, but over this last year I’ve ridden far less, muni especially, and it’s super obvious when I go out and ride.

I’ve also experienced massive changes in apparent ability due to stress before although I couldn’t say it was a posture/stiffness issue, more a state of mind issue.

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