weight loss during rides

I have been measuring this a lot of times: when riding Muni I lose 1kg for each hour of riding!
(happily I never ride more than 3 hours!)
It looks like it’s a lot of sweat :astonished: ! I drink about 3/4 of a liter every hour … so that’s a big loss. Well with the help of good food and Arthur Guinness I regain quickly all that weight. :smiley:
Do you also temporarily lose a lot of weight during rides?

In most cases, most weight loss during riding is going to be water lost through sweating, which is usually put back quickly after. On longer, more strenuous rides like centuries, you would be more likely to burn some fat. What I find is that the more you ride, the higher and more efficient your metabolism will become, and you will burn more calories, even at rest, than if you are less physically active.

Your might consider adding body size as part of your discussion (something like % of total). Then you might notice its not that big.

I’m on the small size. I’ve fluctuated more than 5 kg on some 24 hour long rides but I’ve also recorded 13,000 plus calories expended.


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Hello WB, I think Muni entails more anaerobic exercise than road unicycling due to the constant changes in effort i.e. going downhill then uphill, likening it to high intensity interval training.

From what I’ve read anaerobic exercise burns more fat per calories expended than aerobic exercise. Also check out the after burn effect ( EPOC )

Personally I lose more weight per mile from muni than I do from road unicycling and feel more tired after a muni session than after a road session with the same milage.

In addition you probably eat sometime before setting off on a trip and then measure before eating when you return. There is always some fluctuation in weight even without exercise. For reference measure in a three hour rest period after lunch at work. This weight difference should be deducted from what you measure before and after a trip

I don’t understand … Do you mean that your weight three hours after lunch at work represents your normal weight which can be used as a benchmark for weight monitoring.

Weight loss over the course of a day during riding is definitely water weight. 1L of water weighs 1kg, so you could avoid the weight loss by drinking 1L more per hour of riding. But that’s probably implausible. Your natural state is probably somewhat overhydrated, so your “real” weight is probably somewhere between what you weigh when you start the ride and what you weigh when you finish.

I stopped weighing myself constantly. This is my approach, anyway. I like muni, so for me, muni it is. Ride til i am warmed up and break sweat. Ride some more. Ride some more until have thought to be exhausted. Ride some more until I realize I can ride even much more. Then I discover exhaustion has its new limits, which is more than i have previously set it at. I have probably lost alot of water weight, but that weight doesnt count during riding or just after. It is the gradual weight loss is that what i try to achieve. Muscle gain, increased metoblism over a matter of weeks and into a few months. Constantly at it, the goal is to break out in profuse sweat and raise heart rate, rest and raise it again.
Then all what you work so hard for slowly pays off. Strong , stimulated muscles constantly burns fat, even in your sleep. ( and what better way to build them is on the huge thighs and calves) Versus dwindled, unstimulated muscles, that just slowly dwindle and disintegrate into oblivion.
The only foods that’s limited in my diet is sodium, sugar,
(the two biggest poisons to the body) and limited simple carbs. Besides that, nearly everything else is ok and burns off cleanly.
My simple enough weight loss program.

I see the idea… before a ride my weight is 75 kg, after a ride
It is often around 72/73 so yes that’s only a 2.5% loss which is not a great deal.
It reminded me potash miners I met a long time ago: they lost up to 8 kg during each work shift ! Big men (and big beer drinkers :o ) !

you should tell my wife about that: she always complain that I don’t drink enough :stuck_out_tongue: