Weight Limit?

It seems that ones weight would make some difference in the height that could be reached in hopping. I’m not all that experienced at trials. That being said it seems a 150 lber could get alot more air than a 200 lber like myself. I seem to be stuck at a disappointing 12" lift off. Do I just need more practice? Any thoughts? How 'bout you Obie, I hear you’re 200+

Hey Phil!

I rode with Joey Cohn last week, and now I’m pretty sure: Proper technique is everything.
Learn to hop seat-out, this will give you, after a coupe of weeks of practice, an amazing boost in height. After I’ve met Joey, I’ve only practiced seat-out, and in the mean time I am able to hop 50 cm, which is about 20".

Just study the technique, and pracitce a lot, I don’t think that weight matters at all.


I don’t know. It seems like it would be skill and ability.

Shaq out weighs me probably 3 to 1 but I know he can out jump me. If he could ride a uni (maybe he can), I would expect that he would out jump me on the uni.

Re: Weight Limit?

247, 26 inch hop.

Edit: That 247 may be slightly misleading though. That’s a little high for me (gained weight over break). If you’re asking can fat, out of shape people can jump, I can’t answer that. I’m in decent shape. A lot of my weight it in my legs. Also, I’m tall. So my weight is misleading.

You should be able to hop 20 inches at least provided you are in decent shape. If you’re 5’2’’ 200 lbs and high bodyfat then you’re gonna have trouble.

Nope, I’m 6’3" and 200 lbs. But I am a decrepid :roll_eyes: 44 year old.

Thanks for the input. I am determined, and I will do at least 20" by the 3rd annual Belle Isle MUni Weekend.

Just wanted to know it was achievable.

Without me next time :((

its all about plyometrics… and short twitch muscles

i would focus on upper body strength.

im 175 6’2 and can hop 36"

i would like to be more like 185, but then i have to work harder to get better results but stronger and higher in the long run.

if you feel slow and cant hop very high, chances are you dont have short twitch fibres

this can be helped by doing some excercises at your gym… just ask for plyometrics.

i think the more effort you put into physical fitness and strength the naturally higher you hop. not to mention practice, practice, practice